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International NLP Master training

Would you like to master your NLP competencies? Would you like to know more about New Code NLP and would you like to know how to model successful people? In the master practitioner you explore the NLP techniques at a deeper level. With us the newest NLP techniques and your individual experience are key!

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Detailed information

Sunday 21 January upto and including Saturday 27 January 2018
Part of the certification will include a Modelling task. The presentation of this task is planned on Sunday 22 April 2018. 
From 9:00 till 17:30 o'clock. Two evening programs on Monday and Thursday evening
Element Hotel Amsterdam, A.J. Ernststraat 577
€ 2450- (incl. VAT) 
* Course material,
* Coffee/tea/water,
* Surprise gadget,
* Life changing experience,
* Lunch. 

We leave dinner on the evening programs up to you.
Peter Koijen and team
Training course in English. For the advantages of our international NLP training courses please see International NLP training.
Maximum 15 participants

* Modelling
* Metaprograms
* Satir Types Behavioural patterns
* Changing beliefs
* Advanced reframing through "sleight of mouth"
* Changing thinking patterns
* Criteria and the influence of human values
* Hierarchie of criteria and how values influence your behaviour and your life
* Discovering incongruencies in values and beliefs
* Metaphors intensification
* New Code NLP
* Quantum physics and the link with NLP
* Prime concerns
* Strategy scrambler
* Change Personal History
* metamodel III
* Advanced Hypnosis
* Advanced timeline
* Pain and/or Allergy relief
* modelling task

* Improving your NLP skills at Master level
* Becoming more successful in work and life by learning how to model success
* Changing belief systems for improving the quality of your life
* getting insight into your value system and possible incongruencies
* Learning how to recognise patterns in behaviour, beliefs and communication and knowing how to change these
* Learning coaching skills
* Changing the way you are thinking for the benefit or your life
* Using to improve your influencing skills in language and non-verbal communication
* Learning about using language and voice to apply hypnosis for various positive intentions for you and your environment
* Relieving pain and/or allergies
* Learning to learn more effectively
* Getting certified as a Master of NLP to open the door to an NLP trainers training
* Having fun, sharing, developing yourself personally and professionally.