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Public Speaking

We know that you are curious about public speaking. And that is great. Because it means that you are able to open yourself to this special training about public speaking. This two day training is a magical opportunity to get insight and improving everything there is to know about public speaking. This training goes further than the standard presentation skills and is aimed for everyone that wants to learn about public speaking, for both business as well as other contexts.

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Detailed information

Thursday 5 and Friday 6 April 2018
From 9:30 till 17:30 o'clock
Amsterdam, Element Hotel, A.J. Ernststraat 577, 1082 LD Amsterdam
€ 750 euro (including VAT)
Maximum number of 12 seats and full is full!
* Coffee/tea/water, fruit and healthy snacks
* Gadget
* Lunch
* Customized technical feedback and advice
Peter Koijen and Ligia Ramos
Training course in English. 

* preparing state, intention and anchoring;
* icebreaker stories;
* creating Group Rapport;
* anchoring your own state;
* anchoring the spaces in the room;
* the use of metaphors;
* maintaining state with difficult audiences;
* 4-MAT, the structure of a presentation;
* the use of your own energy;
* your body posture;
* non-verbal communication;
* the use of your voice;
* overcoming fears of speaking in front of a group;
* enjoying the speech;
* story telling and the structure of metaphors;
* do's and don'ts in public speaking;
* finding your own special talent and strength; 
* using your strength in public speaking.
And we will give you personal advice and coaching during the training on how you can improve your public speaking skills.

You will have the following benefits:
* learning professional techniques for speaking and presenting in public;
* learning about communication and having a positive impact with groups;
* enhancing your self-confidence towards others;
* feeling confident and congruent with messages to others;
* feedback about your communication skills and body posture;
* learning techniques to maintain emotional state;
* learning how to create an emotional impact with your own state.