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References Business Clients

Here are a few of the responses of our business clients. For more in-depth, please take a look at our linked in profile. Or take a look at the overview of companies that we work with. 

"This was the second time I worked with in2motivation and it was as successful as the first time. Both times the results were very valuable and the effects on participants were remarkable. I worked with trainers and motivators in the past and I certainly recommend in2motivation's program for its effectiveness and the approach they have, from the preparation to the completion."
Stelios Tsapatos, Sales Manager Bally Technologies

"For the teambuilding day of the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) we hired in2motivation to develop and execute a customised workshop. We have experienced them as facilitators that brought the NAG team to new ways of an effective collaboration. Key words are skilled, intuition, humor, intelligent, trustful. We really recommend in2motivation to facilitate workshops and build teams and would work together with them in the future"
Diana Nikolova, Business Support Manager, Netherlands Aerospace Group

"in2motivation delivered a very interesting workshop for us at KPMG International in September. We are a very diverse group of global colleagues who work together virtually. We were together for one week in Amsterdam and we had a very nice experience with the trainer. The trainer was very engaging and he managed to bring us out our comfort zones. We had a very nice experience and we hope to use in2motivation in future for other motivational workshops"
Linda de Nooy-Hayes * Manager at KPMG

"in2motivation has fantastic facilitators. When they host a workshop people get more out of themselves as compared to others (also good). Moreover the trainers have the ability to listen to the wishes of the customers and together discover what their issues realy are and creating customized training or workshops to mitigate the problems, and so improving the performance of the organization."
Werner Stolle * Lean Six Sigma Business Consultant at Aspen 

"Peter Koijen is a very energetic motivational speaker, able to quickly engage groups of people in a lively conversation. His energy is contagious. His metaphors are catchy and relevant. He quickly adapts to the discussion without loosing sight of the final goal. I have met him for the first time a couple of years ago in a situation where he successfully engaged and audience of more than 40 people on how can one set himself relevant and resilient goals. I left that meeting with a better understanding of my own goals and re-energized to pursue them"
Ionut Rusu * Product Manager at Pegasystems 

"In2Motivation really helped us with the development and execution of a leadership training for our shift leads. Based on the information we as a team provided and talking about our requirements, in2motivation prepared excellent material. The 2 days workshop were hosted by an inspiring and very enthusiastic trainer and really helped our shift leads to change their mindsets and start the journey of change.
Paul Kivit * Manager Operational Excellence MSD 

"I have been thinking for long about doing a leadership training, which did not materialize before I met in2motivation, as I did not find the right person who can understand my personality and then offers tailor made solutions. Following such a course was a reborn for me as throughout my career, I have been focusing on technical matters without developing softer skills which make a person a recognized leader. The particularity of the trainer was the ability to listen to you, understand you and develop tools to make you reach your targets without the feeling that you are making any efforts. I would say that in addition to his solid technical skills and the personality of the trainer make you look at things differently. They are the true example of the quote: “There are no problems, only situations"
Othmane Boukrami * Senior Vice President at TCX 

"I would like to recommend in2motivation for their trainers skills. 
The trainer was an expert in Change Management and Movement of people within an organization especially in a natural way. Guiding groups and team building sessions is his strength and we have worked very well together. Last year one of the trainers supported the implementation process of the culture programme Inclusion MSD in a excellent way. I enjoyed working with them and they are very successful."
Margit de Veer * HR Manager Aspen Pharma 

"I had an excellent experience with in2motivation, who prepared and managed a full day workshop with my extended management team (about 20 people from both Italy and The Netherlands) on working effectively together in an intercultural organization. They provided us insights on cultural aspects in communication also using his personal experience and facilitated the session providing us with several observations on the team behaviour cuptured during the workshop itself. It was a funny and fruitful day for all the team. The trainer gathered my needs and objectives and prepared the workshop accordingly and in an effective manner. All team members enjoyed the session and provided excellent feedback"
Francesca Chiariello * General Manager Business Centre Cards at Equens 

"in2motivation has designed and conducted a tailor made programme to practice (in)effective management behaviours with part of the management team of ABN AMRO Operations during an offsite. 
The programme was both entertaining as well as effective and fully met our expectations."
Han Koch * Senior Vice President ABN AMRO Bank.  

 See also our overview of business clients that we work for.

References Private individuals for Open training courses

Individuals are just as welcome as businesses. Many took part in our courses before you. Below just some of their reactions.

"In2Motivation is passionate about my personal growth. 
I had the pleasure of having in2motivation provide leadership training for me over the course of months and found them to be experts of high integrity. I am planning on working with them again on another course they are providing. I would highly recommend in2motivation to anyone looking for personal and professional development."

Andres Ramirez

"The trainers make learning a pleasurable experience giving you all the tools that you need for change."
Olivia Hjorth Dahlskog

"I had a pleasure to participate at the Public Speaking course organized by in2motivation. I’ve learned much more than expected. We had two very interesting days filled in with many exercises and feedbacks. Goals that each of the attendants set in the beginning of the course such as; improvement of confidence and structure of given presentations were reached! We have received lots of information and practiced following aspects: body posture, 4 – Mat and the structure of a presentation, how to overcome fears of speaking in front of a group, how to enjoy the speech, anchoring your own state and much more. If you would like to improve your presentation skills, I would strongly recommend this course. Thanks team of in2motivation!."
Mariola Burejko

"Take all the space to learn, to explore, to get rhythm and to be the best you can be in life! Let these brilliant & passionate trainers guide you through the NLP tools & practices. (even if you know a lot about yourself / NLP) You will experience how we are living our lives in our minds and how we can reprogramme its elements. You will grow enormously from this experience."
Meliha Turkoglu van Boven 

"I have expanded my horizon and found that sense of awe and wonder that I mislaid a while ago. I feel happy, elated and at one with the world -- and all that on a grey October day!"
Graham Bolton

"An absolute recommendation for anyone who likes to live a life as a journey full of possibilities, adventures and dreams"
Jana Nevrlkova

"This NLP course is absolutely a recommendation for everyone that works with groups or communicaties with people in general. If everyone would do this course, the world would be a better place."
Bart van den Belt

"I came out of the course with new ideas and energy."
Mariella Hamer-van Heuvelen

"Peter knows how to get to the core of NLP with clear examples and wording. I have noticed that this has brought me a lot of positive things. The enthusiasm with which he brings the course and his passion for NLP are clearly visible. He is very good at respecting and associating into the world of someone else, has a lot of humor and is open to feedback. A must for everyone that wants to grow to a better life with themselves and others."
Mirjam Amajjar

"I have experienced it as a safe and inspiring environment with inspiring people and provocing content (in a good way)."
Marlinka Rinsma

""I participated an international training programme in Amsterdam run by in2motivation. I really enjoyed the whole programme that was very professionally run. in2motivation has very experienced trainers and coaches, and truly have a lot of experience. I appreciate their way of sharing knowledge, putting even complicated models into simple, actionable format and I love the way they train. I can highly recommend in2motivation when you need a trainer who can adjust the workshop to the needs of the participants and deliver a message in an engaging and energising way."
Maria Kankaanpaa