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International NLP in English

Enrolling for an NLP training programme is good for your personal development and an enormous step forward in what you want to achieve.
To make this development even more attractive we offer international NLP training courses. This means training with international trainers and participants and very unique because of the English language. Below you find the advantages of following an international NLP training course: 

You learn the material from different international trainers with different styles and different cultural backgrounds

You learn to apply NLP in a culturally-diverse context and in an international learning environment

You learn about cultural differences in the context of NLP

You learn what NLP can do in your own language as well as in the English language

You learn what language and experience can do to you in your mother tongue as well as in the English language

You build on an international network of interesting people that also exchanges experiences after the training course

You learn that NLP can be learned in any foreign language and this means that you can learn to learn more effectively

Click here for more information about our NLP training courses in Amsterdam or contact us directly through info@in2motivation.com or through our contact form.