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Coaching Certification Training

We strongly believe that coaching is a skill that will become more recognized in every role in life. Helping yourself and someone else to go from point A to point B. Coaching is a proven methode for efficiƫnt and effective personal and professional development in both work and private life context. And as the world changes rapidly, this skill will become more and more important.

We offer training courses to be certified as a Motivational Coach. In this training you will get the best out of yourself and others by learning different techniques for coaching. We will give you the newest methods in a very practical way. We will also provide you with different types of coaching and will give you the opportunity to work with various clients and learn from experienced coaches.

Whether you are a professional or leader wanting to learn more about coaching others in a work context, or whether you are someone interested in becoming a life coach. This international training will provide you with the best of the best.  

In2motivation has fantastic coaches. They are really helpful in improving us in more effective communication.

Jim Fairbairn, Executive Director at Howden Compressors Division

The training that we facilitate has the following benefits:
* you will learn to become an excellent motivational coach
* increasing your confidence and effectiveness in coaching
* getting the best out of yourself
* become a life coach or a better coaching leader
* learning different types of coaching to use in practice
* being coached yourself on personal challenges
* increasing your skills to ask the right questions
* being able to influence others with ease
* enhance your leadership qualities
* being able to motivate yourself and others in change

Company Coaching and Life Coaching

We offer various coaching training courses. We do this in companies and we offer these in open training courses. More information on the open training courses, you can find in our Agenda. 
For more information on our customized coaching training courses, you can contact us through our Contact form.

Generally the topics of the training courses are the following. And we adapt following the wishes of our clients.

* benefits and types of coaching
* coaching, counseling and consulting
* from A to B
* the steps in coaching
* goals and intentions
* conscious and subconscious interventions
* expanding leadership skills in coaching
* rapport in coaching
* transforming limiting beliefs into new beliefs
* focus on patterns of behavior and communication
* the power in the absence of projection
* using language to transform others in a positive way
* challenging someone into new comfort zones
* using framing and pre-framing to do change work
* provocative and permissive coaching
* behavioral pattern models
* personality types
* preparing coaching sessions 
* steps in coaching 
* aftercare in coaching
* executive coaching
* provocative Coaching
* interventions for coaching
* tasking
* motivational coaching applications in work and private context
* coaching leaders and Life Coaches

For more information you can contact us now.