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Emotional intelligence

Emotions. From the moment you were born, you have experienced many types of emotions. They are part of the relationships that you have started in your life, not only with yourself but also with others. The question is why these relationships can sometimes hurt so much or drain you of your energy. How can dealing with emotions from the past influence the here and now? How can you learn to relate and communicate better with your emotions and those of others? This workshop is aimed at helping you to identify emotional patterns and to give positive meaning to all emotions, events and developments in your life. Our highly experienced coaches will guide you through the process of developing new and healthy relationships in your life.  

Benefits of emotional intelligence

When you decide to develop your emotional intelligence during one of our training and coaching you will experience the following benefits:
* more self-confidence and better self-esteem;
* improved emotional intelligence; 
* better understanding of emotional patterns;
* skills for relating to emotions;
* an improvement in how you communicate with yourself;
* healthier relationships;
* the ability to identify your own emotional pattern;
* the ability to create new emotional states in specific relationships.

Training courses

We provide in-house company training and coaching as well as open training courses and coaching.

We customize each of our in-house company trainings and coaching workshops. The open training course on emotional intelligence includes the following topics:
* The life Line of Emotions;
* Discovering your own emotional patterns and the emotions that are most present in your life;
* How human beings create emotions;
* The 7 basic emotions Anger, Contempt, Fear, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise;
* The power of positive emotions;
* Creating new emotional states. 

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