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We offer executive coaching, life coaching, career coaching, sports coaching and family coaching. Breakthrough thinking, structural changes in behavioural patterns, focus on successfully reaching goals and creating emotional balance and self-confidence in relevant areas of your life.

Executive coaching

In this area we focus on executives and senior professionals. In2Motivation is specialized in helping senior executives and managers in controlling, communicating and balancing work, in private and business life in a continuous-changing context. For executives we also offer pro- grams like: leading by example, dealing with stress, balancing work and private life, leading and managing different personalities, abstract and specific thinking, and from strategy and vision to tactics and operation.

“In2motivation has fantastic coaches. They are really helpful in improv- ing us in more effective communication.”
Jim Fairbairn, Executive Director at Howden Compressors Division

Life coaching

Life coaching focuses on larger aspects of life such as: relations, emotions, fears and self-assurance. But also family coaching, bereavement, divorces and breaking patterns in the behavior and communication are some categories within life coaching. We have specialized coaches for different disciplines and we provide the best coach within every subject and personal challenges you are facing.

Career coaching

If you feel stuck in your job and you need a new direction, new energy or way of thinking, this form of coaching will suit you very well. We start with an assessment of the present motivation and goals and we will also help you if you need more clarification on that. From that point we will do everything within our power to improve your communication, behavioral and motivational skills, in order to achieve results to get ready for the next step.

“Peter is a skilled coach who helped me (in just a few hours) to attain some very powerful insights.”
Brenda de Jong, M.A. Psychology

Sports Coaching

The way we coach athletes makes them believe that they can be more successful. We learn them to perform under pressure, choose their state of mind and let them use their senses, language and self motivation to tune in body and mind and deliver a high performance. Our sport coaching is a unique method for an athlete who wants to achieve more.

Family Coaching

In this modern world everything moves fast and the concept of change has become an accepted part of our every day life. Families ar not exempted from this reality. The concept of family is changing globally and it is important that we pay attention to this social and cultural movement.
Family is the primary source of socialisation. Children learn by example and experience. Parents and educators need to understand this process so that they can be aware of the impact they create on a child's life (and future).
The intention of in2motivation's family coaching is to give each family more choices. More choices encourage new ways of being, learning and living as a family and allow each member to grow within their own family. 

"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family." 
Virginia Satir

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