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Company training

Would you like to improve the performance of your team? Is your company ready for a new culture? Would you like to organise a teammeeting and are you looking for a fun closure? We offer customised solutions for your company or team.

Team Building

Pulling together a team and having them co-operate is something that you already do. On top of that you are likely to have an ambition to have your team be the best. We offer teambuilding out of the box. Customised teambuilding with a customised theme.  Contacting us today could be the first step towards a improved team co-operation. For more information, please have a look at our page on Teambuilding.

Leadership Training

To lead a team of professionals is an art for different contexts, professionals of different levels and different for every context and company. We provide you the best and cutting edge training courses that can be applied regardless of context. Also, we create the best programme for your company and for individuals too. Therefore we offer Leadership Training in groups as well as supporting highly talented professionals in smaller groups. In some cases, because of time, we offer Leadership Training in a one-to-one format using coaching techniques. Information on our interactive and advanced training courses which feature the latest on modern leadership can be provided on request. 
More about our leadership training courses can be found on our page of international leadership training.

Cultural Awareness Training

Who we are as a person and as a company has everything to do with elements such as the sense of belonging, the values and the identification that drives our behaviour. We grow up in private and company environments and adapt as a person whilst keeping an own character and identity. Many problems in communication occur because of cultural differences and the lack of awareness of cultural differences across regions, companies and teams within companies. We have rich experience of international trainers that have lots of working experience in different countries and businesses. We can help you learn about the awareness, do's and don'ts and creating a new culture within your company to make your performance rise and the teamwork improve significantly to give you improved business results.

Safety Training

In many organisations people may feel unable to speak about things that might be bothering them about safety in the working environment. This may be because they feel that they are not going to be really listened to, or it could be they don't consider themselves to be in a position in the organisation to raise such issues: this is what they might believe is true their current mindset. We call this 'safety to speak'. Safety, both physical safety as well as safety to speak up is hot nowadays. It is one of the most logical consequences of rapid changes in organisations. We have developed a number of programmes on safety, including personal leadership in safety and the ability to change your mindset in an ever changing working environment under pressure. What are the choices you make in dilemma's of physical safety? How do you keep your focus on safety when you are under pressure to perform? 
But also safety to speak up is connected to that. And incorporating safety stories into meetings is usually not sufficient. A radical mindset change that fits this new world is necessary to be the best in class as a team and as a company. We will help you realise your business goals with that.

Moderator Facilitator

Moderators that can lead a team discussion and facilitators that frame and facilitate change processes in groups are a unique skill set that we offer. Our moderators and facilitators are not only intellectually capable; they also have a lot of practical experience in dealing with people and group processes. And on top of that they have a lot of empathetic and intuitive capacities to help teams get the best result. The independent external approach and framework is key to achieving clarity thus leading the group dynamic towards a concrete result.

Customer Service Training

In an ever-changing world where customers are more demanding and internal services require a different response, an optimal customer service is crucial: for your reputation as a company, for your future business, and the development of your company. Key to this is your customer. And customer service is therefore one of the key factors to survival and to make your company more successful. We provide a range of customised customer service training courses. The first category is the customer service skills, such as customer service handling, managing complaints, telephone techniques and skills that are very much related to how you carry out your service. Who you are as a company related to your customer service is a another programme we provide. These training courses are about the identity of you as a company and the role your customer plays into this. Questions that are worked on are for example: "How do you view your customer and how would you like to be seen", or questions like "who would you like to be and what are values when communicating to your customer". "How does your company culture need to adapt to the needs of your customer". Our customer service programmes are both customised and interactive and we inject a lot of humour ensuring we provide training that makes a difference!

Motivation training

We offer customised training courses on motivation. Would you like to motivate better or be better motivated? We offer training courses that focus on the motivations of humans. What are ways in which people move towards their goals, what are their inner motivations and how can you best influence these to get the best out of people. This is ideal training for managers that want to learn to motivate better.

Presentation skills

Presenting something to an audience is a skill that requires a resourceful state, preparation, creativity and positive energy, but also a well-formed presentation, an inspiring message and the use of different styles for different audiences. We provide workshops and training courses on Presentation Skills that target different audiences varying from Management Teams, Leadership teams, Middle Management, and Staff in changing organisations. We coach your staff to give engaging presentations that present the message in a way that respects the different needs.

Talent Workshops

Talent Workshops around the question "Where do I make the difference?". A journey in searching for and finding your own talent. Who am I now? And what are the areas of talent that are not known to me, but to others? The so-called blind spots. And what are the hidden talents. The ones that are known to yourself but not to others? And how can I express my talents in a way that they can make the difference within the company. How can I give a magical elevator pitch to be able to present myself in a better way through reorganisations and restructurings within my company? These are the themes and we have workshops that are humourous, interactive and self-reflective. 

Sales Training

Focus on Sales and getting the right upskill for sales competencies is crucial in the economy nowadays. We have a specialised Sales trainers with vast experience in successful sales and also in delivering special Sales training courses. Building rapport, asking the right questions, getting into the right mindset and state, asking the right questions, aligning benefits of your product, being a hunter and a farmer, and closing the deal. Customised training to make your business grow instantly and growth like you have never seen it before.

Identitity and Values

Who are you as an organisation? And how can you improve results and image? Have you recently experienced a merger or acquisition, or the growth of a new team and you are still not 1 team with 1 identity? Then we provide workshops to help you further with this. Large successful companies such as Apple and Google have achieved their successes by renewed focus on values and a clear identity. Who you are as a team will determine how you relate to clients.

Living in Change

Change is a constant factor at work and in your private life. And living with and in change is therefore essential to survival. Living with change requires a change in mindset. We help to facilitate this change in mindset. We give you and your team practical tools to deal with change in the workplace. We also provide you with tools that help you deal with change in general that can lead to a more balanced life. And a more balanced life helps to deal better with changes in work. And when you do that, you will discover that your resilience increases and you become stronger in dealing with different changes. We have a programme that can help you in this and we work with you to ensure the programme is relevant to the challenge within your team. 

Communication and Performance Training

We also provide customised communication and performance training courses. We strive to achieve success by fostering a lasting change in mindset by modelling behaviours and through communication methods. In an environment where the market changes rapidly, there will be increasing demands placed on your staff. Our training courses are unique of varying from a short workshop to more extensive training. Choice of state and new ways of balancing mind and physical state are more important than ever in a working environment. You can contact us now for more information. 


Would you like to improve your individual performance? Would you like to handle aspects of your work in relation to other aspects of your life in a better way? Would you like to get more out of yourself? Please contact us now for individual coaching. We have the most experienced coaches in the market. 

Company Theatre

You have a meeting or off-site with your team or your division. You have things you want to achieve and you would like to change things for the better. The location is arranged, the agenda is agreed and you would like your meeting to be light, humorous and yet still has a message. The so-called learnful theatre is interactive and fun for your entire team. You are happy and we are happy. We design theatre with a theme of your choice. Your management team meeting has never been this much fun!
For more information on examples you can contact us.

Inclusion Training

Inclusion has become more and more important. As work pressure increases the more the principle of "slowing down to speed up" is valid. Processes and Systems are changing rapidly, and the human factor becomes more important to improve business performance. Inclusion training is a great way to improve motivation and teamwork in your company through the principle of "slowing down to speed up". Topics like basic human conduct such as including everyone, greeting, listening, appreciating and creating an environment to speak up are part of this programme. Furthermore topics like creating inclusive behaviours in meetings aim at improving effectiveness through paying attention to including everyone. Finally, inclusion is about achieving growth through 360 degree feedback by encouraging and enabling staff to get more and more out of their comfort zone to focus on their learning. A sense of belonging, respect and appreciation and support are key values to create a successful inclusive environment.

Story telling

The power of story-telling is that messages and changes are understood in a simple and gentle way. You can use them to create value through a company story or the story of your department. You can also use it to share experiences and focus your team on working with more positive energy. We know all about telling engaging stories and are happy to help you further with this. We give short workshops on story telling as well as extensive training courses. Contact us now for more info!

Motivation workshops

We offer short motivation workshops that can be used during management team meetings, off-sites and as an energy booster for company programmes on change. Usually we fully customise these for your company and take account of your context. Humour, energy and practical take-aways are characteristics always to be found. 

Train the Trainer

When you have internal trainers that you would like to bring up to speed with their training or presentation skills, we have excellent and modern training courses that will give you tools. These include maintaining your state as a trainer, how to bring a message across, variation in tonality, in language, in explanation and interaction on the "why, what, how and what if's", the use of space in front of groups, the way you use stories and the right chunks to present and a number of tools to give your trainers the best preparation for presenting and training in front of groups.