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Leadership training

Leadership Training - how do I benefit from it?

Leadership means inspiring and motivating people to get the best out of themselves while guiding them towards common and individual goals. An inspiring leader has the character and the ability to interact in different ways and different situations, allowing him to build strong relationships with others.  Leaders also have vision, power, resilience, values, charisma and emotional intelligence to be able to lead others as well as themselves.

Our unique international leadership training provides the following benefits:
* increase your leadership skills for an international context
* create better relationships
* learn the structure and secrets to be a motivating leader
* how to influence people and take the best of them
* leading different personality types
* feeling more comfortable being a leader
* developing excellence in talent and high performers
* developing your organisation in times of change and reorganisation
* motivating your team in new and creative ways

Trends in Leadership

1. The economy, the environment and technology have changed leadership into new styles compared to 25 years ago. New terms such as "servant leadership", "authentic leadership" and "inspirational leadership" have been coined. The new leader leads consciously according to values and principles, thinks long-term, is an example for others, puts people first, maintains a strong balance between physical, social, mental and spiritual aspects. 
2. Leaders need to be able to relate better to people from generation Y who come from a different wealth mindset
3. jobs change more often and people change jobs more often. Technological progress is forcing the work force into new frames. 
4. Information doubles every day. Leaders need to be able to keep the big picture in mind and lead a team accordingly, by being able to motivate them and follow them as well.

Experts in international leadership

Patterns and leadership structures vary from context to context. In2motivation has studied and taught for many years in a variety of companies. We are experts in applying successful leadership in an international context. We are experts in applying leadership to different work and cultural contexts. The past, present and the future trends of economies, companies and human behavioural patterns set the broader frame for new inspiring leadership. Where change is constant, leaders can make the difference to the success of the team. Enrolling for our leadership training course will allow you to experience immediate results. Not only you, but also your team will benefit. 

Success in reaching your goals 

Being successful with your goals as a leader is the focal point in all our training courses. How can you get the best out of yourself given the circumstances, whatever they may be? What is your definition of success? Which dreams are goals and which goals are dreams!  What is it that you want more of: Money? Time? Comfort? Security? Health? Safety? Recognition? Competition? Personal Development? Variation? Come to our Leadership training to learn and experience more about the secrets of your success.

Subjects of the Company Leadership Programs

We customize all of our leadership programs and provide in-house as well as external trainings. We will make an inventory of your needs and develop these into a unique leadership program. Here are some examples of existing programs: 
* Inspiring leadership aimed at creating charisma, vision and inspiration for senior staff
* Motivating leadership aimed at leading teams through change;
* Basic leadership skills in behavior and communication;
* International leadership aimed at leading culturally diverse teams;
* Leading through change-tools for leadership in a rapidly changing environment;
* Leadership for high performance and sort term performance targets;
* How to set leadership goals for creating mission, vision and strategy;
* Leadership skills for senior leaders in multinational companies; 
* Leadership for project managers and cross functional teams;
* Building leadership skills through story telling.

Topics for our Open Leadership Training

* leading and leadership in an international context 
* advanced leadership skills
* personality types
* the power of non verbal communication
* creative leadership thinking
* motivating and inspiring people
* emotional curves, types and emotions in business
* coaching skills
* flexibility in leadership styles
* principles of excellence
* motivating employees in times of change
* leading in different cultures.
* giving feedback
* empowering, engaging and including

For more information about data and availability see our Agenda. You can also contact us now for a personal intake meeting.

Leadership training - summary

  • We provide unique international leadership programs suitable for leaders who work in an international environment.
  • We offer companies both in-house and external leadership programs. We also organize training courses that are open to leaders from all different companies.
  • Experience a new way of thinking, behavioral re-patterning, crystallising and customizing your goals to discover how to become a more inspirational and motivational leader.
  • Learn with ease and enjoyment in this high performance learning environment
  • We use a combination of tailored presentations, live demos, exercises, games, coaching and story telling to maximize your learning experience. 
  • Our highly trained, culturally-diverse trainers are there to support you in this learning process, while simultaneously taking your unique cultural requirements into consideration.
  • Learn how to integrate these skills into simple everyday business and personal activities.

Agenda Open Leadership Training Courses

We provide a variety of leadership training courses, each of which can be customized to your company's needs. We also provide open training courses, allowing you to participate and share ideas with leaders from other companies.

For more information about the data for our open training courses for leadership, please see our Agenda.

Personal intake for more information

Should you be interested in finding out more about our international leadership training, please contact us for a complimentary intake. For more information please contact us.