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Negotiation training

Negotiation Training - how would you benefit from it?

Negotiation skills are essential for every role, whether you are a sales professional, a buyer, a leader or an HR professional. Negotiation is searching for and finding the best solution for two parties:  a win-win solution. We train people in different proven methods in negotiation and customise our approach to the needs of the professionals we are working with. 

Our unique negotiation training provides the following benefits:
* increase your negotiation skills;
* get better win-win results;
* improve sales, buying and relationships.

Trends in Negotiation

Negotiation has gone from position negotiation whereby each party either takes a "soft" approach or a "hard" approach, towards a method that is neither of these, but rather negotiation on principles - the Harvard negotiation method being a great example of that. 


The topics in our training are usually as follows:
* influencing the negotiation climate;
* preparing the negotiation;
* overcoming an impasse;
* dealing with manipulations;
* getting the best result;
* the content and process of negotiation;
* handling different personality types;
* negotiation from a joint intention;

Negotiation training for individuals and companies

  • We provide individual coaching on negotiation as well as training courses for companies. 
  • We work with training actors to practise in role plays and change patterns in communication and behaviour
  • We customise the negotiation training to your needs.

Introductory meeting for more information

If you are interested in finding out more about our negotiation training, please contact us to arrange a free intro meeting. For more information please contact us.