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NLP training

NLP - what do I benefit from it?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is an instrument for personal development.
Would you like to develop yourself personally? Improve your relationships privately and in work? Do you want to learn everything there is to know about conscious and unconscious behaviour? Building rapport with clients, colleagues and managers more quickly? Learn to motivate yourself and others? Then an NLP training course is something for you. NLP is a worldwide and growing form of personal development in communication, motivation and reaching your personal goals successfully; both privately as well as in business.
We offer NLP training courses and the aim is not only coaching. It is personal development for you to develop yourself in any area of your life or business.

NLP training - what do I benefit from it?

Enrolling for our NLP course means a direct improvement in communication and behaviour for you and your environment. Our courses start with your personal goals. We teach you all about conscious and unconscious communication. How can I recognise communication patterns in myself and in others? How do I convince others with whom I have lesser rapport? Which beliefs and behavioural patterns do I recognise in myself and can I break through using NLP? What language do I speak? How do I use my senses? What have been my behavioural patterns and strategies so far in my life? And what can be the potential new strategies for success? The result is more energy, increased self-confidence, inner peace, being closer to yourself, having  choice of your state and being more successful in what you do. 

New Code NLP training - the newest form of NLP

If you want to have the newest NLP tools AND a personal approach to your change and coaching process, then choose our NLP course. We deliver NLP courses including so called New Code NLP. This is an advanced developed form of NLP for teaching, learning and applying NLP patterns. It is the new framework of NLP created by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair. In our courses you will be taught classic code NLP as being taught in other schools and on top of that you get New Code NLP which is unique in the Netherlands. Unlike most institutes, our training courses are considered experience-oriented, inductive and very renewing with a lot of attention for the individual process of change. We do everything to help you reach your goals! You will find more about new code NLP on our New Code NLP page

Self application

We also emphasise self-application. In whatever way you use NLP in your daily life, the ability to apply NLP to yourself makes the difference of differences! 

Application in family, with children and other relations

Patterns in family, with children and relations can cause conflict situations and internal conflicts. Dilemmas occur in the relationships and the choices that are made are usually not desired. Being stuck in the past, the actions we might take in the present and the future can create emotions that we find difficult to let go of. We offer new ways in breakthrough in these situations by letting go of negative emotions. Enrolling now means that you and your family and children experience these changes instantly.

Application in work

Our NLP courses can be directly applied in life: both your personal life and also in work. There is a focus on experience, energy and your personal development. During our NLP course we offer communication skills for application in different roles and different situations. We also translate NLP to all roles in work. Enrolling now on our NLP training also means that your employer and clients will see the results very quickly.

Application as entrepreneur and freelancer

The challenges that you specifically have as an entrepreneur and freelancer may include a solid choice of state, changing roles and influencing your own communication and behaviour as well as the ones from others. In changing economic times you have even more opportunity to demonstrate your ability for innovation and growth. The international NLP training is a perfect base for this.

Health, body and mind

We work on training of body and mind. The combination of these two creates new energy and make personal development more powerful and connected to each other. In achieving goals, breaking patterns and developing self-confidence we use new insights in body as well as mind. We pay attention to both new ways of thinking as well as consciousness in breathing, moving and nutrition. We help in reaching your peak and challenge you to reach even further. 

Success in reaching your goals

Being successful with your goals is the focal point in all our training courses. How can you get the best out of yourself given the circumstances, whatever they may be? What is your definition of success? Which dreams are goals and what goals are dreams!  What is it that you want more of: Money? Time? Comfort? Security? Health? Safety? Recognition? Affection? Renewal? Lust? Competition? Attractiveness? Personal Development? Variation? Come to our NLP training to learn and experience more about the secrets of your success.

Subjects of the NLP Practitioner

NLP Epistemology "how do we know what we know?", the secret of successful goals, connecting with anyone by building rapport, conscious and unconscious communication and senses, changing perspectives with representation systems, perceptual positions and sub modalities, consciousness, anchoring and influencing states and communication and behaviour, non-verbal communication, Being more successful with language patterns, new filters and experiences through reframing, reframing and humour and break-through thinking, your unconscious thinking processes in logical levels, deepening into your unconscious through hypnosis, resolving inner conflicts through parts integration, letting go of emotions and creating success through time line interventions, application of NLP in your daily life, recognising and developing new strategies and patterns for motivations and other decisions in your life, metaphors, newest developments in NLP through New Code NLP, N-step reframe for long-lasting behaviour change and choice, Fast Phobia for phobias, developing unconscious involuntary signals in New Code NLP, breakthroughs in behavioural patterns, integration of learnings into practice and daily life and coaching without content as well as provocative coaching.

Subjects New Code NLP training

New Code NLP frame, New Code NLP and the communication model/epistemology, Logical Levels in New Code NLP, Change and interventions on different input and output levels, Content free and Process free interventions, N-step reframe, involuntary unconscious signals and SOS spontaneously occuring signals, Clear language, Self-application in NLP, clean perceptual positions, New Code interventions, Croydon ball game, alfabet, NASA-game, Breath of Life, Rhythm of Life, Alfabet touch, Sanctuary, raising the bar of NLP change work, state choice versus state control, intention-frame, Verbal Package. 

Subjects of the Master Practitioner NLP training

Deepening the Practitioner parts such as language patterns, beliefs, reframing, New Code, Metaphors, Submodalities, Strategies, Parts within yourself and Hypnosis. New subjects are Norms and Criteria and Values and human development, learn about your own norms and values, how they influence your behaviour and motivations and how you can utilise these for success or change, extensive linguistic reframing through Sleight of Mouth, general behavioural patterns, Negotiating, self-application, allergy and lightening the pain, Congruency Therapy and advanced time line techniques for letting go of emotions  and taking lessons from the past and for successful behaviour and communication in the future such as drop-through, associated and dissociated release format as well as New Code. In the Master Practitioner every individual participant works on an intensive modelling assignment. You choose a modelling project to model successful behaviour or to model a successful skill in order to learn how you can learn faster.

For more information about data and availability see our Agenda. You can also contact us now for a personal intake meeting.

The NLP training - summary

  • A unique programme designed to engage the BODY, awaken the SENSES, tap into EMOTIONS... and expand the MIND...this course is highly rewarding!
  • Certify as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Immerse yourself in personal development, whilst acquiring practical business and life skills
  • Experience break-through thinking, emotional clarity, re-patterning of behaviours, crystallise your goals and discover how to significantly improve your performance in all aspects of your life
  • Learn with ease and enjoyment in this high performance learning environment
  • Using a mix of skilled presentations, live demos, exercises, games, coaching and story telling, you will experience learning at multiple levels
  • Our highly trained, culturally-diverse Trainers are there to support you in this learning process, understanding your unique cultural requirements
  • Learn how to integrate these skills into simple everyday business and personal activities


In2Motivation is an international company with international focus and international recognition. 
In2Motivation is certifying institute for the 'international training academy of NLP' of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic st. Clair and Michael Carroll. 

Quality is guaranteed internationally. And quality is determined by our satisfied customers who participate in our NLP course. We have the best trainers in the market. With our certificate you have both Dutch and international recognition and you can use it for follow up courses all over the world. Your certificate as an NLP Practitioner is also signed by the co-founder of NLP.

Success and quality stand for focus and choice. That is why we have also chosen for one international accreditation like a top sportsperson chooses one sport to be the best in. We are specialists in running international NLP training courses. More information about the advantages please refer to our page about international NLP.

Most of our NLP training courses are held in Amsterdam. For more information on NLP in Amsterdam and the associated benefits, please go to our page of NLP Amsterdam. 

The certification fee is paid only once and is included in our price! Certificates will only be issued after passing the assessment.

For more information about data and availability see our Agenda.

Personal intake for more information about our international NLP training

If you are curious after reading this information and you would also like to know us better and know more about NLP and what it can do for you, then you can enrol for one of our introduction workshops. You can also choose to have a personal introduction. In this introduction we will discuss questions that you have and what NLP can do for you. This intake can be done telephonically, through Skype as well as face-to-face and is free of charge. For more information please contact us.