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Presentation Skills Training, Coaching and Motivational Speakers

We provide the following services:

1. Training for Companies on Presentation skills and Public Speaking

2. Open Training for public speaking and individual coaching for individuals

3. Motivational Speakers for your event or company meeting

We facilitate interactive and inspiring groups on a customised basis. Lots of energy, humour, interaction and inspiration as a start for your development. Always customised and guaranteed to create new energy!

1. Training and coaching for Companies on Presentation skills and Public Speaking

Would you like to develop your organisation in presenting? Or reinforce your sales in skills for presentations? Or increase the development of your leadership and staff towards internal and external stakeholders. We are specialised in presenting, facilitating, pitching, training and public speaking. And we always provide you a solution that is customised to your needs. Out of the box, structured, with a clear goal and always in connection to others.
We provide customised training courses and individual coaching for presentation skills and public speaking from senior managers to professional levels and specialists. 
We are also providing coaching on pitching new ideas, products and services.

For more information you can contact us now through our contact form, or call to +31-20-7370312

2. Open training for public speaking and coaching for individuals

Topics for our public speaking training courses:
* preparing state, intention and anchoring;
* icebreaker stories;
* creating Group Rapport;
* anchoring your own state;
* anchoring the spaces in the room;
* the use of metaphors;
* maintaining state with difficult audiences;
* 4-MAT, the structure of a presentation;
* the use of your own energy;
* your body posture;
* non-verbal communication;
* the use of your voice;
* overcoming fears of speaking in front of a group;
* enjoying the speech;
* story telling and the structure of metaphors;
* do's and don'ts in public speaking;
* finding your own special talent and strength; 
* using your strength in public speaking.
And we will give you personal advice and coaching during the training on how you can improve your public speaking skills.

You will have the following benefits:
* learning professional techniques for speaking and presenting in public;
* learning about communication and having a positive impact with groups;
* enhancing your self-confidence towards others;
* feeling confident and congruent with messages to others;
* feedback about your communication skills and body posture;
* learning techniques to maintain emotional state;
* learning how to create an emotional impact with your own state.

I had a pleasure to participate at the Public speaking course organized by in2motivation. I’ve learned much more than expected. We had two very interesting days filled in with many exercises and feedbacks. Goals that each of the attendants set in the beginning of the course such as; improvement of confidence and structure of given presentations were reached! We have received lots of information and practiced following aspects: body posture, 4 – Mat and the structure of a presentation, how to overcome fears of speaking in front of a group, how to enjoy the speech, anchoring your own state and much more. If you would like to improve your presentation skills, I would strongly recommend this course. Thanks in2motivation!

Mariola Burejko, Manager

For more information about our open enrolment training courses, please visit our agenda

3. Motivational Speakers for your event or company meeting

Public speaking is a special form of motivation. It is used in meetings and events and therefore perfect for creating impact and new perspectives. Your guests can be opened up more by a creative vision or they can get motivated and determined a new way by humor.

In2motivation is specialized in public speaking. We know how to use this instrument to empower change and stimulate motivation and energy. Our speakers have experiences in different disciplines, so we can understand and analyze your needs even better. We provide public speaking in the language of your choice. Our public speakers are able to change the mindset of the audience in a way that leads to positive behavior and change by using storytelling, metaphors and best practices which people remember. In2motivation creates impact and contributes to success.

Peter Koijen from in2motivation delivered a very interesting workshop for us at KPMG International. We are a very diverse group of global colleagues who work together virtually. We were together for one week in Amsterdam and we had a very nice experience with Peter. He was very engaging and he managed to bring us out our comfort zones. We had a very nice experience and we hope to use Peter in future for other motivational workshops

Linda de Nooij-Hayes, Manager at KPMG International

Which form of public speaking you can choose

We have the following three forms of public speaking:

  1. Context-oriented. Focused on existing context, state and knowledge of the group. This form of public speaking is often interactive and full of humor.
  2. Content-oriented. Focused on best practices by sharing experiences and knowledge outside your group.
  3. Combination of both, custom made
  4. Training public speaking and motivational speaking

You will leap forward following in2motivation’s Public speaking training. They are excellent observers and will provide you with very focused and honest feedback. They are passionate about developing the students and the ideas will start bubbling in your head. The training is set up in a very logical and structured way. There is plenty of time to practice and they are excellent presenters themselves. I followed the training last and made a great step forward, but also hat a lot of fun!

Henk Hoven, Managing Director Howden Compressors

What can you expect from us

To get optimum result we define together the subject, the approach and the goal of the motivational speaking. Based on our conversation we choose which public speaker fits best with your needs.

Our public speakers can deliver a message for small and big groups. They are professional, inspiring, motivating and have a great sense of humor. We are trained in motivational speaking as well as on the subject of motivation and you are certain of an energetic experience, which has a positive effect on the results of your team and colleges.

Also we deliver training to train you to become an inspiring public speaker.

For more information or an offer, contact us now through our contactform or send an email to info@in2motivation.com

or call to +31-20-7370312

We look forward to helping you!