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Sales Training

The world of sales is changing rapidly. Nowadays, clients as well as prospective clients have more information at their disposal than ever before, which is why it is so important for companies to respond to new trends in sales.  

Trends in sales

We are witnessing the following trends in sales:
* Sales is no longer a separate departement. There is relatively no distinction anymore between marketing and sales. Instead of being an activity within a company, sales is becoming a company's identity. 
* Data analysis has taken on a more important role. It has become more important than ever to get to know your client. Analysing sales results provides possibilities for the sales organization to improve. 
* More attention is being paid to client behavior. 
* Visualisation is becoming more important. Spreadsheets are mainly interesting for the internal organization;
* Story telling (where appealing stories about the product, service or company are told) has become more important. 

A new impetus for your sales organization

Does your sales organization need a new impetus? Are your sales colleagues ready for new inspiration? Could your sales department use a new mindset? Would you like to align your sales even better to the new strategy? 

We facilitate interactive and customized training and sales coaching. We combine lots of energy with humorous interaction to inspire new goals. All of our trainings are tailor-made and guarantee a change in sales mindset! 

This was the second time I worked with in2motivation and it was as successful as the first time. Both times the result were very valuable and the effects on participants were remarkable. I worked with trainers and motivators in the past and I certainly recommend in2motivation's program for its effectiveness and the approach they have, from the preparation to the completion. 

Stelios Tsapatos, Sales Manager Bally Technologies 

What types of sales development are available to you

We offer three types of training formats sales development:

  1. 1. Workshops for changing the sales mindset;
  2. 2. Sales training aimed to skills within a changing context;
  3. 3. Sales coaching.


We provide training on a wide range of sales related topics, including: 

Changing mindset:
* from a new strategy to a new sales mindset;
* who am I in sales and why do I do what I do;
* I know my products, my clients and my competitors;
* no excuses mindset!;
* going out of your comfort zone;
* sales is not a department, everyone can contribute to sales;
* getting to know my clients in a different way;
* brainstorming sessions on the "why, what and how" of  sales, present and future.

Sales competencies: 
* the 6 steps of the sales process;
* non-verbal communication in sales;
* cold acquisition;
* client personality types of clients and their needs;
* telephone skills;
* the sales meeting;
* asking the right questions;
* dealing with objections;
* features and benefits;
* visualization in sales
* story telling in sales;
* advanced presentation skills;
* building a relationship;
* closing the deal.

Sales coaching:
* Could your sales department benefit from a change in mind-set? We have the coaching experience to make that happen.

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