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Everyone is helped by optimum teamwork; the team members, the manager and the company. It is unfortunately not always common that a team is functioning effective. All kinds of reasons, for example reorganizations, change and personal elements are behind this. In2motivation understands this. We believe in openness and personal attention. From freedom of choice and action we put team members and employees back in their strength. They feel connected to new processes en systems and are inquisitive for the next steps. This leads to appreciation and involvement within a team.

I would like to recommend Peter Koijen from in2motivation for his trainer skills. Peter is an expert in Change Management and movement of people within an organization especially in a natural way. Guiding groups and team building sessions is his strength and we have worked very well together. Last year he supported the implementation process of the culture program Inclusion MSD in an excellent way. I enjoyed working with him, he is really very successful.

Margit de Veer, HR Manager/Director at Aspen Oss B.V.

Are you looking for more motivation an inspiration in your team? A team where the members work together? Are involved with the changes? A team with a new vision and the same goals? Then we are the right help for you. Our workshops and teambuilding session are focused on inner drive and motivation and will make the difference.

Which forms of team building you can choose

We offer different workshops that vary from 1,5 hour up to 2 days:

  • Short motivation workshops of 1,5 up to 3 hours as an addition to your current team meeting or offsite gathering.
  • Teambuilding day(s) with the goal to improve the cooperation and atmosphere in the team. We mainly focus on working together and sharing experiences.
  • Context workshops in which the content for the vision, mission, cooperation, strategy and direction will come from the group. We facilitate this process and combine this with activities that improve the cooperation and motivation.
  • Outdoor activities  with content
  • Or combination of these workshops

Peter Koijen from in2motivation delivered a very interesting workshop for us at KPMG International. We are a very diverse group of global colleagues who work together virtually. We were together in Amsterdam for one week and we had a very nice experience with Peter. He was very engaging and he managed to bring us out our comfort zones. We had a very nice experience and we hope to use Peter in the future for other motivational workshops.

Linda de Nooij-Hayes, Manager at KPMG International

What can you expect from us

We offer custom-made short motivation workshops, teambuilding sessions and context workshops. With our broad experience we can provide your choices for developing the approach. We put much effort into the preparations by having conversations with you.

The approach of In2motivation is characterized by a lot of interaction, energy, humor and a professional help by facilitators. Our facilitators have an important role next to the trainers in guiding change processes and context workshops. They have next to their professional experience a lot of practical experiences in dealing with people and guiding of groups’ processes. They create a lot of openness and personal attention. Plus they have great empathic and intuitive skills that help the team to get the best result. Through the independent and external approach and the frame that is created, interests can be separated and can the dynamics of the group concrete be transformed into results.

For more information you can contact us now.