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Our core team

Peter Koijen

Peter Koijen

Peter is the initiator of in2motivation and is a European Top Trainer and Public Speaker. He is Master Trainer, an internationally certified NLP trainer, a Master Practitioner en Motivational Speaker. Peter (1972) has been delivering professional training since 1998 in various industries and for various individuals. This follows his study in industrial relations at the university of Tilburg and a variety of HR and Change roles in large multinationals. Since then has changed his view on life and started in2motivation. Peter has lived and worked abroad for many years as cultural change manager. And he is more than that. Peter is one of the rising Motivational Speakers of Europe, he is inspirational, a musician and a professional facilitator for motivation. His training courses are therefore inspiring, dynamic and interactive. They are designed specifically to embrace, challenge and stretch the learner, whilst taking into account personal learning styles. In this environment, people learn with ease and fun. He is a trainer and coach that prides himself for quality. Read more about in2motivation in the interview with Peter Koijen

Ligia Ramos

Ligia is an experienced trainer and coach. She specialises in family coaching and relationships. In her unique and integrated approach she has a passion for body work. Ligia uses flexible approaches for coaching and training.  She easily combines and switches between spirituality and cognitive performance improvement.
Ligia has a university degree in Philosophy and is specialized in Human Resource Management. At the start of her career she was responsible for Human Resources in international retail and managing franchises.
In her current role she combines NLP, Yoga, Meditation, Body and Dance, Spirituality and her experience in change work and coaching in families and relationships. She is a gifted and giving person who touches you from heart.

Michel Breeuwer

The person you will be in five years is formed by the things you do, and the information you feed your brain today". Michel, account manager at in2motivation, believes that an investment in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.
After working for five years in the financial services sector at one of the big four accounting firms, Michel has built up a lot of experience with business issues in different branches. He has also built up a lot of experience regarding client facing assignments. With his analytic skills Michel seeks for the perfect training to suit the given issue or question. Michel obtained his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the Nyenrode Business University and is fluent in Dutch and English. With his knowledge of the different courses which in2motivation offers, Michel willingly and with much pleasure helps people create a better future. 
How can Michel help you?


Bakoly Rasoeliharimanana

Bakoly Rasoeliharimanana worked for various multinational companies in different countries. She worked as an Account Manager for companies like Microsoft, Belgacom/Proximus, Vocollect, Zetes. She also worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and President of Bally Technologies EMENA.
She studied International Business and Management at the HES in Amsterdam. She speaks English, French, Italian, Dutch and Malagasy. She is very much interested in personal development and she followed various training courses to develop herself personally and professionally, as NLP Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence, Public speaking, Coaching, and lately the NLP Master at in2motivation.
Bakoly is passionate about helping children in need in Madagascar. She is the founder of the association Soamiely www.soamiely.com , helping 90 less fortunate children with basic education, food and cultural education, art, music and dance. Her dream and passion is to help and train people bring out the best of themselves. In order for them to live an easier life and enjoy a better future.


Bo Dumitrescu

Bo Dumitrescu started early as an entrepreneur while still studying, initiating and leading a professional five month expedition, through Africa in cooperation with leading companies, universities and the Dutch national media. In 2007, he also started and led a company, doing business on four different continents and introducing a unique business model. In 2012 he sold his company and started doing training. Over the years, Bo discovered he has a passion for training people and to help them achieve their goals. His passion is to help people realise they can do far more that they think they can. He has worked with different companies applying his knowledge and experience. Bo has a background as a Master in Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration, worked in the financial services sector and he speaks six languages. Bo is passionate about training and coaching and wants to help people make a positive shift in business success and personal development.

Ricardo Peixe

Ricardo is a high performance trainer, coach and speaker. Due to his extensive experience with businesses he is a specialist in communication and influence. After starting his career in sales and management in 2006, he dedicated himself to helping others find success and complete their goals through high impact training in various companies, institutions and sport clubs. Ricardo is focused on helping companies and professionals to achieve their high performance. 


Felicia Perseguer Torregrosa

Felicia is a master “life and executive coaching” of the University of Camilo Jose Cela, specialising in Emotional Intelligence, Master Practitioner of NLP trained by Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, specialising in NLP coaching and modelling. She is also trained by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll. Felicia has been training professsionals in various areas since 2004, including doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, Civil Servants, both in Spain as well as in the rest of Europe. She has also worked for more than 30 years as a producer and choreographer to train dancers, actors and singing professionals. The clients she has worked with are Cap Gemini, Deutsche Bank, Grupo Pascual, MLA Associates, Garrigues School, EVEST, CPJ, INAP, Hay Group, Hospital la Princesa and CAIXA. Felicia lived in London for 8 years and her current home base is Madrid.

Samuel Silva

Samuel Silva is one of experienced assistants in large scale team building events. He has a very interesting background working in public service areas as a fire fighter and paramedic. Samuel can be described as a person that is  is enthusiastic and very helpful. 

He started his studies at the University of Aveiro in Portugal studying Translation and focussing on Linguistics. He therefore speaks many different languages fluently. Translating is the metaphor of his life. He moved to the Netherlands a short while ago and has joined the in2motivation team to strengthen and develop the open training courses for in2motivation.


Simone Heijhoff

Simone has a business background in commercial business-to-business in the hospitality industry. As a manager and leader she discovered her talents and passion in coaching and training and became certified through training.
Because of her growing interest in self-reflection, self-awareness and giving meaning, she decided to develop herself in mediation, yoga and leadership. She did several training courses, including in India. Now she combines old science and wisdom with modern methods and techniques and achieves results from a scientific frame. She is an experienced trainer and one of our assistant trainers on our NLP training courses. 
For Simone, the following starting points are important: listening to the essence, self-development, own responsibility and contributing positively to everything that you are part of. 

Pedro Vieira

Pedro is an international NLP trainer, Master Practitioner of NLP and hypnotherapist and certified coach and graduate in Economy of the University of Porto. He was a manager in the health and fitness industry in Portugal. Pedro (1975) is trained by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair, Michael Carroll and Steve Linder. Pedro runs a training company called life training and works closely with in2motivation as guest trainer and teaming up on international events. He is also the author of various books of which the last one in Portuguese with the title "the magician who didn't believe in magic" about the challenges in life and the application of NLP.

Roderik Sommerdijk

Roderik Sommerdijk is a trainings actor and trainer. His style is enthusiastic, creative, and most of all energetic. Roderik has considerable experience with various types of training courses. He has worked for The European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice Department, Police Department, Rabobank, Damen Shipyards, Ampelmann, Mammoet, Intense, a large variety of schools, both in primary and secondary, at all levels, IVP, GGZ, Ygdrasiel and other healthcare institutes. Besides company communication courses, he often delivers training courses in dealing with aggression, courses to prepare for hostage situations, and courses for behavioral therapy. He loves travelling and fixing things. And that means he also has a great deal of experience engaging with different cultures. His travel stories complete his role as a trainings actor and his role as a trainer. He regularly organizes and produces large and small theatre productions. Roderik is therefore a highly versatile trainings actor and trainer. 


Monique Maenhout

Monique is an enthusiastic trainer with roots in Belgium. She has worked for “F. Hoffman La Roche AG in Switserland in the Learning and Development department coordinating training courses. She is also a trainer and coach and before that period she worked in customer relations and marketing support. She encourages people to explore new and interesting possibilities, to construct their own learning in an environment that stimulates and helps to realize their full potential. Monique speaks three different languages; French, German and English.


Maria Huntsman

Maria is an independent Business Consultant, Trainer and Coach whose passion lies in engaging unrealised potential to ignite exceptional performance in Leaders, teams and organisations.
Maria has over 18 years business experience as a Consultant and Leader across a range of industries including Healthcare, Travel, Financial Services, Scientific Research and Technology. She weaves together techniques from the latest Leadership and Business Consultancy models with practices from Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Somatics and Linguistics, to deliver transformational business solutions for corporate and private clients. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is infectious.
Maria is trained as an Ontological Coach and she is an international certified NLP trainer.