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Interview with Peter Koijen

Peter Koijen, owner at in2motivation, tells us about the company's personal and professional development programmes and how it is beneficial for both individuals and organizations. 

Could you describe the major goals of in2motivation?

in2motivation is an international company for personal and professional development. Our mission is to get the best out of people – both companies and individuals. We specialise in motivation, coaching and training to enable changes in behaviour and communication. And our intention is to inspire and motivate people to live their lives and do it their own way.

What kind of training does in2motivation provide and how can individuals and companies benefit from these trainings?

in2motivation trains both in-house at companies and provides open training courses. Some examples of training courses include Coaching training, Public speaking, International communication and NLP training, Talent workshops, Sales training, Leadership courses, Workshops about emotional intelligence and Family dynamics and Cultural awareness training.

The benefits for people are many. The common benefits that people get from these courses are:

  • Knowing again what you want in life and work and regaining a new focus with new energy
  • Getting a click with people that are more difficult in your view or more out of your comfort zone
  • Changing belief systems and behavioural patterns for a more productive way of working and living
  • Becoming more successful in what you do and how you do it and therefore, being more effective
  • Reflection on inner peace, getting more balance in mind and body in order to be more peaceful
  • Having a choice of your emotional state and being able to recognise and influence this with yourself and others
  • Being more happy, peaceful and feeling more free in life

Could you elaborate on the training courses given by in2motivation?

Our training courses are very positive and practical. We have experienced trainers who have lots of experience in the most modern tools and the application in real life. All of our trainers are very good facilitators using intuition, tools and their knowledge/experience to create a learning environment that is safe for people to open up in a humorous, interactive and positive way to create an experience that people can enjoy.

Our courses are a great way to get to know other internationally inclined and open-minded people, to connect with others, to explore, receive knowledge to put into action and to produce result. Our references are outstanding and we are one of the most modern and fast growing development companies in Europe.

How are the training courses chosen and customised for clients?

Clients usually want different things. The benefit for every client is the central starting point to establish a common goal and intention. Whether it is exploration, knowledge, results or connection within teams or people, we are sure to customise to the needs of our clients to the best. That is why we have such an outstanding track record and reference base. And as we go into an experience economy in both work and private life, we challenge ourselves to create the best experience ever for the clients. in2motivation has become master in this.

What are the main differences between company training courses and open training courses?

The difference is the composition of the group and most of the times also location and goals are different. In a company training course, the group consists of a specific team or department within the company. The training courses are usually given in house, such as at the client’s venue or at a specific venue that the client has chosen.

Our open training courses are taken up by people who come from different backgrounds. When it is a more business focused training, there are people from different companies. When the training is more focused on personal development, people come from various cultural backgrounds with different goals. But for the latter, there are always common goals that make people feel connected with each other in a way that each one of them gets their own result. The results for both company as well as open training courses are usually the same – namely, to get a better version of yourself and to become who you already are.

What sets in2motivation trainings apart from any other motivational companies?

in2motivation has the experience with international teams. We are a truly international, personal and professional development company – both in participants as well as trainers. Thus, we know how to get the best out of people regardless of their cultural background.

in2motivation also uses the most modern tools and science research to back up the practical tools. We always are on the lookout for the latest knowledge to translate into a practical and fun training.

Also, we live by the values of freedom, professionalism and experience. We really create experiences for people to learn in a fun, interactive and playful way. We believe in learning from both conscious as well as subconscious ways. And that is why we pay attention to the experience.

in2Motivation facilitates personal development, specialising in motivation, coaching and training to enable changes in behaviour and communication. Our training is for individuals and companies. We work with international trainers and we are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.