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What we train

Company Training courses

We offer a variety of company training courses. Examples are Cultural Awareness Training, Leadership Training, Moderator/Facilitator, Motivational Speaking and Presentation Courses, Customer Service Training, Safety Training and Leadership in Safety, Team Building, Motivation Workshops, Sales Training, Company Theatre, Inclusion Training, Story-Telling, Motivation Training and Train the Trainers.

For more information see our page on Company Training Courses

Open Training courses

In open training courses we start by establishing the personal goals of the participants across all areas of life. Then we build up these goals throughout the programme. We have a variety of open programmes that develop participants in communication and mindset.

Whether you are looking to bring out the best within yourself, or want to explore and answer the great question of what you really want in your life, in2motivation is the company you are looking for. If you want restart your life and experience the permanent life-changing benefits of positive thinking, or simply improve or reestablish all types of relationships, we can help you. Our motivational services contain training, workshops, individual coaching and motivational speaking. We help you in finding your inner drive, and releasing your boundless motivation. This provides you with a relieving sense of security and self-confidence, putting you and your emotions into a balanced and controlled state from where your dreams and goals can turn into results.

For more information see our page on Open Training Courses