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Who we are

in2motivation is an international company for personal and professional development.

Our vision is a world where people and companies develop by exploring and creativity, developing their mindset, taking action on their own choices, and through connection with others.

Our mission is to help people and companies develop in any context, whether it is work, relationships, family or life in general.

Our slogan is: live your life and do it your way. This means that people are free in thinking, acting, generating ideas, expressing themselves through emotions, feelings and beliefs in order to be themselves, perform better in work and be happier.

Our key principles are simplicity, experience and freedom.

Let's consider simplicity first of all. In a world that is full of complexity, materialism and inputs, we like to simplify tools, content and principles like leadership, relationships and communication. We have found that the more simplicity we bring to our training, coaching and advisory work, the more room there is for creativity. When you really master something, you can explain it in a simple way. Simplicity for us is the principle that the more space you make in your mind, body and environment, the more space there is for your own creativity and for your performance. We also believe in more congruency and alignment with the mind, body, thoughts and expression when we keep things simple.

The second principle for us is the principle of experience. We are specialists in experiential learning. This means we give people the best learning experience through experience. This often involves out-of-the-box exercises and training and/or coaching where the experience is given before an explanation, and where the learning is more in self-awareness than in cognitive, old-school teaching. We work in experience, learning and training. By experiencing, lessons are usually more sustainable. The lesson of an experience, whatever that is, is feedback for the conscious and subconscious. The change work we do is effective and long-lasting.

The third principle is the principle of freedom. We believe that when people are freer, they perform better. Freedom means creating better emotional states to deal with change. Freedom is also about being flexible and intentional with everything that you do. Freedom means taking ownership and by doing that becoming a better person. We believe that freedom causes better results and better people. You need freedom of speech to express yourself and overcome fears. There must be freedom to choose communication styles and be flexible in this. Freedom is personal and has the meaning that someone gives to it. In other words, we advocate for the freedom to choose the meaning of freedom.

We love to help you become who you want to be, both in your company performance as well as your wellbeing for life in general.

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