As we move into 2023, effective communication will continue to be a critical skill for success in any team or business setting. 

The increased reliance on remote work and digital communication that has come as a result of the ongoing global pandemic. Clear and efficient communication will be essential for maintaining productivity and collaboration in a remote work environment.

Also, cross-cultural communication as businesses become more globalized and diverse. Being able to effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures will be essential for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Communication skills are becoming increasingly valuable as we move towards a more data-driven and technology-dependent world. Being able to effectively communicate data and technology concepts to non-experts will be crucial for success in many industries.

A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities and errors that can have severe consequences for a business. Strong communication can prevent those missteps, keeping business running smoothly.

Increasing adaptability, active listening and developing a wide range of communication skills to meet the diverse needs of different stakeholders and customers.

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Leadership is often viewed as both a skill that can be learned and developed, as well as a manifestation of certain qualities and characteristics. 

Studies show inherent traits and characteristics, such as confidence, integrity, and emotional intelligence, in effective leadership.

Leadership skills can be learned and developed, natural leadership abilities can also play a significant role in one’s ability to lead effectively.

But, leadership is also about the ability to connect with people and inspire them to follow you; an art that can not be learned in a classroom.

For that, leadership is not just about skills, it’s about mindset, attitude and the ability to get things done, more than a set of tools you can learn from a course, is about knowing how to apply the tools.

With our portfolio of courses, both the development of skills and the manifestation of qualities and characteristics can play important roles in effective leadership, and that everyone can develop their leadership potential through continuous learning, self-reflection and practice.

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Coaching is a process that can help individuals, teams, and organizations make progress towards their goals and aspirations. 

Some of the benefits of coaching, such as increased self-awareness, improved communication and problem-solving skills, and greater job satisfaction.

Coaching is a goal-oriented process that helps individuals identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and then create a plan to achieve their desired outcomes.

The process  is a collaborative process that involves active listening, asking powerful questions and providing guidance and support.

Coaching is an on-going journey, for that a series of sessions, activities and assessments that helps the coachee to progress.

This process can, also,  support to create a culture of continuous learning and development, and can be used as a tool for promoting change, growth, and success.

It’s important to note that coaching can be applied to various context, from personal development, to performance improvement, to change management, but ultimately it’s all about progress towards desired outcome.

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Neurolinguist Programming NLP

We teach Neuro-linguistic Programming like no one else.

We give you the most profound personal development experience of your life, in English, in Amsterdam.

Online or in the classroom: you can decide now to change your life like never before.
NLP demystifies life and humans in a practical and efficient way. We use an embodiment approach that creates a transformational experience you will always remember.

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Success stories

Adrian Seligman

The In2Motivation team members are incredible business partners. They work extremely hard to understand what will make a project successful and then own that outcome. The blended learning approach ensures that new ideas can be played around with in a safe environment and the face to face elements are a great mix of fun, challenge and learning. They have the rare ability to deliver mindset-shifting coaching in a group environment. We're excited to continue the partnership!

Adrian Seligman

Henk Hoven

You will leap forward by following in2motivation’s Public Speaking Training. They are excellent observers and will provide you with very focused and honest feedback. They are passionate about developing the students and the ideas will start bubbling in your head.

Henk Hoven

Gregory Nimmo

The leadership training was phenomenal. You can hear some people tell you what it takes to be a leader but very few can translate that in an empathic and empowering way.

Gregory Nimmo

GregoaFrancois-Xavier Rousselotry Nimmo

I had the good fortune to work with the best coach from in2motivation. Not only does he have an impressive knowledge in the field of coaching and leads the pack in term of new technology, but he is also able to generate change (and that's the key!).

Francois-Xavier Rousselot

Anna Tommysdotter

In2motivation delivered an engaging and inspiring speech on inclusion. The content aligned very well with the themes around our conference and there was a good balance between theoretical information and activities. For us, the speech was fit for purpose and we were very happy with the contribution to the overall outcome.

Anna Tommysdotter

Manuela Salgado

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with in2motivation in a fantastic “Team Building” activity. The dedication and professionalism is remarkable. It was a fantastic session; very dynamic, interactive and fun. In2motivation is very knowledgeable and the facilitator was excellent. At the end he provided very useful feedback to all! Thank you for this inspiring session!

Manuela Salgado

Neil Brass

Highly recommended. In2motivation was able to give very constructive feedback to support my own personal development. I have now had multiple sessions with in2motivation, all of which have had very insightful learnings

Neil Brass

Coen van Leeuwen

In2motivation is an inspiring team who we worked with for our Sales organization. They are passionate and are really dedicated to customizing the training and supporting the development of our commercial challenges. With a creative and open-minded approach, in2motivation has created impact on the operational side and has acted as a sparring partner for the management board.

Coen van Leeuwen

Raul Villaron

In2motivation has provided training for our Sales and Marketing team. The whole team really liked the dynamics and techniques, and all of them suggested that we offer the same training to the rest of the company.

Raul Villaron

Margit van der Laan

I would like to recommend in2motivation for their facilitator skills. in2motivation is an expert in Change Management and movement of people within an organization especially in a natural way. Guiding groups and team building sessions is their strength and we have worked very well together. Last year they supported the implementation of a cultural change programme on inclusion. I enjoyed working with them since they are really very successful.

Margit van der Laan

Laura di Franco

In2motivation conducted a two-day workshop for our sales and marketing workforce. The theme of the workshop was translating strategy into results and the feedback from all participants was positive. Everybody was highly engaged in the discussions and group activities and the two facilitators did fantastic work to keep the group together. Great job!

Laura di Franco

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