About us

About Us

The idea behind In2motivation came from a very strong intention from its founder, Peter Koijen: “Creating moments that give companies and private individuals more freedom and ways to create positive change, choice and motivation in a changing world”. Peter Koijen’s intention has since grown into an internationally recognized company focussing on personal and professional development. Since 2006 in2motivation has been helping companies and individuals with change and motivation, allowing for better results. Combining the most modern methods with a strong international team, in2motivation creates programs and events that make a difference. In the last 12 years, it has become one of the most successful international personal and professional development companies in Europe.

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We are experiential trainers. Our success is due to the awareness and change that is created in experience-based training courses. All of our training courses are highly interactive, fun, informative and results-oriented with lots of exercises, games and simulations to really get feedback at individual and group level.


We use simplicity to make learning and performing outstanding. Turning complex matters into simple concepts improves performance, effectiveness and results. Simplifying mind-set and body-set, emotions, communication, behaviour and results is what sets us apart.


Because of our international background, mind-set, trainers and clients we focus on developing freedom in thinking, feeling, seeing and acting for better results. This results in a more creative mind-set for thinking, a freedom in expressing emotions for effective communication, and freedom to take responsibility and ownership for results.

Our Services


Training courses, classroom and e-learning



Coaching for executives, relationship, career and many more



Speakers for your management team meeting, congress or event



Consultancy about change, training needs, learning and development


Blended Learning

Blending classroom training with an interactive online learning environment with video’s, quizzes, customised content and a sharing platform

Blended Learning

Meet the team

Peter Koijen

CEO, Master Trainer & Coach

Live your life and do it your way

Ligia Ramos

CXO, Senior Trainer & Coach

Love is simple

Michel Breeuwer

Account Manager

You have one opportunity to show what you are capable of doing. This opportunity is called Life. Be thankful for this opportunity, embrace it and give it your all!

Georgiana Moc

Project Manager

Curiosity is the key that opens the door of change!

Tiago Azevedo

Video specialist

Sergio Cabigiosu

Trainer & Coach

Mariana Alfafar


Nothing looks as good as healthy feels!

Arthur Pop

Trainer & Coach

those who dare to make mistakes, will reach the sky

Ricardo Peixe

Trainer & Coach

There is a hero inside all of us, we just have to learn to set it free!

Mounya Rezigue

Assistent Trainer

Know yourself and live from here

Pedro Vieira

Trainer & Coach

Felicia Perseguer

Trainer & Coach

Maria Huntsman

Trainer & Coach

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