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No excuses drive your own bus

No Excuses, Drive Your Own Bus! There are two sides of life. You are either on the “effect side” or on the “cause side”. When you are on the effect side, you blame, you complain and you play the victim role. When you are on

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Go back to a moment in time where you felt like “this is it”. That moment when all of your ideas, thoughts and actions were going in the same direction and you felt like you knew exactly what to do. We had that moment after

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Slowing down to speed up

“How are you?” “Busy!” This seems to be the most common answer to this question nowadays. And it’s true. People are busier than ever. But it seems to be an excuse for everything, and an answer that can no longer be given with creativity or

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Sales Mindset

“Sell me this pen!” was the first thing I was asked to do in a job interview I did a long time ago. Of course, this was intended to test my sales skills. I got the job, though I failed at this particular task. Over

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How to master the art of public speaking

As human beings, public speaking is one of our top three fears. Dying is another one! This makes public speaking a topic high on people’s agendas. People see public speaking as an important area for improvement, and not without reason. Public speaking is showing yourself

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Leadership is Simple

“Babies cannot do anything and they are allowed to do everything, and adults can do everything but they are not allowed to do anything.” This was the statement of the eight-year-old son of a good friend of ours. And it’s true in many ways. Mostly

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