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Thank you for connecting with us.

My name is Ligia Koijen, as CEO of in2motivation I want to share with you what we do and how we do it, to become your best partner for the development and growth of your team and company.

We listen to your needs.

Although there are many problems and challenges that most companies go through, the way it happens can be very different. So we schedule an intake with one of our business coaches to explore your needs.

We design unique programmes.

We have pre-developed programmes that can be purchased at any time. However, we also know how important it is to have a tailor-made programme, with specific cases from your company, considering your target audience and your specific intention for the training or event.

We teach using experience.

We work with business actors and games in order to make the learning experience deductive. We want to offer consistent learning and give the possibility to each participant to test their learning.

We develop our own content.

Our team is a very experienced  with a wealth of knowledge in various areas of development. We also train all our trainers in the exclusive In2motivation content. We are creators and we are leading the transformation.

When you book your call you will be connecting with a business coach.

We don’t do sales, we bring transformation as partners to your business and team.

Ligia Koijen


Head Office: Amstelveenseweg 739

1081 JE Amsterdam

Coaching Location: Emmaplein 7A


Training location: Meditation Tuin Amstelpark 9 



KVK: 34324638
(IBAN): NL52 RABO 0148 5729 52
VAT: NL8203.70.423.B01