International NLP Practitioner Certification

Are you having the feeling that something needs to change? Are you realising that you want more from life, and from yourself? During seven intensive and insightful days, you will be able to recognise why, what, and how to create the most efficient change for yourself and for others. In a real international environment, you will receive practical tools to create a new perspective in all and different areas of your life. Practical, insightful, inspiring, fun, a profound and transformational knowledge are some of the words that people use to describe this International NLP Certification.

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Get clarity on your vision, purpose and values


Communicate effectively with any type of personality

Emotional Intelligence

Develop your emotional intelligence and feel happier and freer


Learn the tools, strategies and mind-sets to become more successful


Break subconscious patterns in emotions, mind and body


Develop stronger relationships with others and yourself

Overcome obstacles

Overcome obstacles in your business and private life


Find out how to influence others with non-verbal communication as well as language patterns and thinking patterns.


Improve your business results through our customized business training, coaching and consultancy. The training is tailored to your business context, your challenges, needs and goals, whether it is Sales, Service, Product Management, Leadership, HR, Finance, Operations or any other context. We can customize in classroom and one-on-one settings, and through e-learning and blended learning. The training will take place at your preferred time and location. You will improve mind-set, skills and tools thanks to a refreshing and creative approach with honest feedback and great results. Contact us now for more information.

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Events & Services

26 May - 01 Jun

International NLP Master Practitioner Certification

A highly interactive, fun and learnful experience where you can get better results for your personal and professional develop...
16 Jun - 22 Jun

International NLP Practitioner Certification

Introduction to the training: You know you have more potential than you are currently using, which is great, as it means tha...
13 Oct - 19 Oct

International NLP Practitioner Certification

Introduction to the training: You know you have more potential than you are currently using, which is great, as it means tha...

Our individual training and coaching develops you professionally and personally, and is customized to your needs. Through a unique combination of working on your skills, tools and mind-set, you will improve your communication, behaviour and results. We partner with you to help you with individual learning, in a one-on-one or group context. Our training courses lead to many success stories. Contact us now for more information or to sign up.

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Our Clients

What people say

Thomas Tilkema

Front-end developer, freelancer

"The NLP course itself was very special for me and is something I will never forget. It was intense, very helpful, confronting, moving, it gave me valuable insights and we had lots of fun as well. During the training the trainers professionally explained and guided exercises, and effortlessly switched to the people they are: enjoying what they do, keeping an eye on everyone in the group and having fun. There was really a good connection. Having learned a lot, the course ended with the trainer giving a personal message to everyone in the group. What he said to me gave me a great insight and was something meaningful to work on. That really moved me because I knew he was right. Three people in my circle of friends recommended in2motivation, the trainers and particularly the NLP training. I am really glad they did and I will certainly do the same because they are very good, I trust them and they are interested in every participant, they love what they do, they are inspiring, funny, taught me a lot, are always willing to help and gave me great insights. "

Marieke van Welie

Program Manager, Doctors of the World

"I found the trainer to be a dedicated, convincing and motivating NLP trainer able to grab the attention of a group with any subject. The NLP trainer has an engaging personality and a great way of connecting with people. With crafty skills, great ease and humour, the trainer of in2motivation managed to help me (us) with improving communication skills, broaden perspectives and expand comfort zones, which might just have a lasting impact on life!"

Cristian Enache

Product Manager, Innovator, Entrepreneur, MBA

"Daily activities and the pressure to deliver are some of the main reasons we miss a strategic look and the attitude of a leader. Sometimes we need to take a step back, somewhere outside the usual work environment, and reflect on things we do. What is the best way to do that? In my case, I found it was at the NLP Practitioner course from in2motivation. The thing that surprised me the most was how insightful and deep the whole experience was. Definitely a must. "

Roderick Weener

Project Manager

"I followed the NLP Practitioner course at in2motivation. Besides the high quality teaching, they immediately created a warm, humorous and safe environment for participants to open up, practice and share their experiences in. What struck me most was the pleasant balance between theory, practice and spirituality that the trainers offered in their course. I would definitely recommend this course and/or in2motivation to anyone who is interested in personal growth and discovering more about themselves with a very pleasant bunch of people. "

Narina Mnatsakanian

Impact and Responsible Investment, Kempen Capital Management

"In2motivation is great at NLP. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot."

Maria Kankaanpaa

"I participated in the international NLP Practitioner programme in Amsterdam run by in2motivation. I really enjoyed the whole programme and it was very professionally run. The trainers are very experienced in training and coaching and truly know NLP. I appreciate their way of sharing knowledge, putting even complicated models into simple, actionable formats, and I love the way they make change happen. I can highly recommend in2motivation when you need a trainer who can adjust the workshop to the needs of the participants and deliver a message in an engaging and energizing way."


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