Leadership development

Leadership is more challenging than ever. The economic, technological and other context changes require more emotional intelligence, more vision, and more flexibility in approach and leadership style. Particularly for leaders in an international context, cultural aspects also play an important role. We are specialized in unique leadership development using provocative, mind-set and emotional intelligence methods. We are strong in customization of leadership development in an international context. Please contact us now for more information.

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Increase clarity on personal vision in leadership


Get insights into leadership approaches


Achieve better results as a leader and making leadership less painful


Connect better with different people and cultures


Learn more flexibility in style and approach


Gain insights into patterns in leadership and how to break them


Reach a state in which you can take more effective action for change

Higher purpose

Improve alignment between yourself and the higher purpose and vision of yourself and your organisation


Improve your business results through our customized business training, coaching and consultancy. The training is tailored to your business context, your challenges, needs and goals, whether it is Sales, Service, Product Management, Leadership, HR, Finance, Operations or any other context. We can customize in classroom and one-on-one settings, and through e-learning and blended learning. The training will take place at your preferred time and location. You will improve mind-set, skills and tools thanks to a refreshing and creative approach with honest feedback and great results. Contact us now for more information.

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Events & Services

03 Jul - 03 Jul

Workshop – Communicate with Confidence

Introduction: You know we communicate all the time. This workshop will improve your ability to communicate verbally and...
25 Sep - 25 Sep

Workshop – Communicate with Confidence

Introduction: You know we communicate all the time. This workshop will improve your ability to communicate verbally and...
13 Oct - 19 Oct

International NLP Practitioner Certification

Introduction to the training: You know you have more potential than you are currently using, which is great, as it means tha...
21 Nov - 22 Nov

Leadership is Simple Training

Introduction to the training: You know that leadership is an essential skill and mind-set in various contexts. This is exc...
06 Dec - 06 Dec

Workshop – Time Management for Daily Use

Introduction: "Time is an illusion.” - Albert Einstein The more time we have, the more time we need. Do you focus more o...

Our individual training and coaching develops you professionally and personally, and is customized to your needs. Through a unique combination of working on your skills, tools and mind-set, you will improve your communication, behaviour and results. We partner with you to help you with individual learning, in a one-on-one or group context. Our training courses lead to many success stories. Contact us now for more information or to sign up.

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Our Clients

What people say

Remo Calzoni

Regional Process Leaders AR and invoicing EU, LyondellBasell

"I contacted in2motivation as I wanted to organize a training session for my team based in Rotterdam. I was immediately impressed by the team's professionalism. We had a long telephone conversation where I basically explained what my needs were, and the goal of the training I wanted to have organized. Then the trainer came to our company in person to further discuss the proposal and what I was trying to achieve for my team. The training took place at the beginning of this year and it exceeded my expectations. We have a follow up session planned in the coming weeks and I am already looking forward to that. I would strongly recommend in2motivation to anyone looking for a professional, effective training that is tailored to their needs."

Margit van der Laan

Manager HR, Aspen Oss

"I would like to recommend in2motivation for their facilitator skills. in2motivation is an expert in leadership. Guiding groups and team building sessions is their strength and we have worked very well together. I enjoyed working with them since they are really very successful. "

Francois-Xavier Rousselot

International MBA, Vice President, Aptus Health

"I had the good fortune to work with the best coach from in2motivation. Not only does he have an impressive knowledge in the field of coaching and leads the pack in term of new technology, but he is also able to generate change (and that's the key!)."

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