Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is in the top three fears for human beings. This is because every time that people express their ideas, present their projects, or sell their services, they are facing their bigger fear, which is being excluded, not being liked or not being enough. In this two-day training, we promote different experiences, practical and simple tools and honest and individual feedback. As a result, each participant can gain more confidence, become more assertive, increase their influencing skills and have a successful presence when speaking, presenting or interacting with groups. If you are presenting, teaching, speaking in public or just want to improve your group communication skills, this training is for you.

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Professional Techniques

Learn professional techniques for speaking and presenting in public

Positive impact

Learn about communication and have a positive impact with groups


Feel confident, impactful and congruent in your messages to others

Great emotions

Develop techniques to maintain emotional state

Improving structure

Learn to create a compelling structure in any presentation including supporting tools such as PowerPoint

Non-verbal communication

Find out how to use and strengthen your public speaking skills through non-verbal communication such as body and voice


Discover how to strengthen your public speaking through storytelling for different types of audiences

Different audiences

Learn how to deliver any message to various audiences, and in challenging circumstances


Improve your business results through our customized business training, coaching and consultancy. The training is tailored to your business context, your challenges, needs and goals, whether it is Sales, Service, Product Management, Leadership, HR, Finance, Operations or any other context. We can customize in classroom and one-on-one settings, and through e-learning and blended learning. The training will take place at your preferred time and location. You will improve mind-set, skills and tools thanks to a refreshing and creative approach with honest feedback and great results.

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Events & Services

13 Jun - 14 Jun

Public Speaking Training

Introduction to the training: Even when you are not talking you are already creating impact. The question is: what kind of...
04 Jul - 04 Jul

Workshop – Communicate with Confidence

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26 Sep - 27 Sep

Public Speaking Training

Introduction to the training: Even when you are not talking you are already creating impact. The question is: what kind of i...
28 Nov - 29 Nov

Public Speaking Training

Introduction to the training: Even when you are not talking you are already creating impact. The question is: what kind of i...

Our individual training and coaching develops you professionally and personally, and is customized to your needs. Through a unique combination of working on your skills, tools and mind-set, you will improve your communication, behaviour and results. We partner with you to help you with individual learning, in a one-on-one or group context. Our training courses lead to many success stories. Contact us now for more information or to sign up.

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Our Clients

What people say

Gianluca Ligas

Customer Services Manager and Support (Europe, Russia and Central Asia), Embraer

"I have had the opportunity to meet the trainer of in2motivation through a public speaking training he gave to me and a small group of colleagues. It was an excellent, powerful experience, with a great deal of interaction, on-stage practice, immediate and straight feedback, and a lot of fun. It was not only a chance to gain insight into our abilities and to improve our skills, but also a great teambuilding event. The trainers are great instructors, listeners and coaches, and they make the best use of the time they have available during the course. I am more than happy to recommend them for your corporate training programs; they will undoubtedly help you make big progress in your personal development plans."

Mariola Burejko


"I had the pleasure of participating in the Public Speaking course organized by in2motivation, and I learned much more than I expected. We had two very interesting days filled with many exercises and feedback. The goals that each of the attendees set at the beginning of the course such as gaining confidence and improving structure when giving presentations were reached! We received lots of information and practiced the following aspects: body posture, “4–Mat” and the structure of a presentation, how to overcome fears of speaking in front of a group, how to enjoy the speech, anchoring your own state and much more. If you would like to improve your presentation skills, I would strongly recommend this course. Thanks in2motivation!"

Henk Hoven

Managing Director, Howden Compressors

"You will leap forward by following in2motivation’s Public Speaking Training. They are excellent observers and will provide you with very focused and honest feedback. They are passionate about developing the students and the ideas will start bubbling in your head. The training is set up in a very logical and structured way. There is plenty of time to practice and they are excellent presenters themselves. I followed the training recently and made a great step forward, but also had a lot of fun!"

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