Coaching Skills for Professionals

Coaching Training is the skill of the leader of the future. The leader of the future lives in the present and creates the future by developing their teams.
Coaching is the process that promotes sustainable change.

If you want to use coaching or be a professional coach, this course is designed for you.


Benefits and types of coaching;

Coaching, counselling and consulting;

From A to B;

Goals and intentions;

Expanding leadership skills in coaching;

Rapport in coaching;

Transforming limiting beliefs into new beliefs;

Focusing on patterns of behaviour and communication;

Power in the absence of projection;

Using language to transform others in a positive way;

Challenging someone to leave their comfort zones;

Using framing and pre-framing to do change work;

Provocative and permissive coaching;

Behavioural pattern models;

Personality types;

Preparing coaching sessions;

Steps in coaching;

Support in coaching;

Interventions for coaching questions and powerful exercises;


Motivational coaching applications in work contexts;

Close session and coaching process

This course is designed to provide that each participant can enjoy three different roles: The student, the coach and the coachee. Therefore, during the whole course, a coaching process will be developed with each participant with the Master Coach.

This course has a duration of 3 months divided into three face-to-face meetings and online follow-up in groups or individually. For more details and all the dates, please check our agenda or the link (buy this course) 

After the final evaluation, each participant with a positive evaluation will receive a professional certificate.

If you would like to know more about this course, please book a telephone interview with one of our Master Coaches. 

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