Diversity and Inclusion

Much has been said about diversity and inclusion. It is a complex subject and therefore deserves attention and an analysis that goes beyond clichés and vague concepts.

Bullying is a reality in many contexts and brings consequences that most of us are not aware of.

Diversity and inclusion is a matter of corporate culture. And it needs to be treated as such. The reality of creating boundaries of behaviour and mindset.
It is in the little things that conflict happens.

Our process:

  • Analysis of the current reality (values, vision and formal and informal communication).
  • Identifying the ideal of diversity and inclusion for the organisation.
  • Establishing clear and effective communication across boundaries.
  • Building processes across the whole organisation that promote respect for diversity and are inclusive.
  • Workshops and cross training:
  • Inclusive meetings
  • Inclusive Communication
  • pro-diversity Communication
  • Non-violent communication
  • Cultural awarness

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