Feedback can be a challenge for both the giver and the receiver. There is an emotional component that is often not recognised in the various methods available. This is exactly why our team with over 20 years of experience as international team leaders has developed a process and course for both the giver and receiver of feedback.

Our programme focuses on a constructive and realistic process. Using neuroscience to get the most efficient results, in this workshop we work on three main contexts for feedback: task, relationships and person. 

The course is designed to be practical and with many moments of real use of the tools. We work with business actors to increase the learning and effectiveness of the course.

neuroscience of communication impact
emotional intelligence
communicating effectively

On-task feedback
role management and expectations
language that amplifies results
dealing with underperformance
recognizing talent for the task

feedback relationship
Communicating without creating conflict in the team
Developing a sense of team by giving feedback
Creating responsibility and accountability

talent feedback
setting expectations and objectives
developing development plans
creating commitment and engagement
follow up and coaching

To find out more about how to deliver this course for your team and leaders, make an appointment with our business coach, we’d be delighted to become your partner for success.

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