International NLP Master

This is a course that will take you through a profound experience. You will gain deep knowledge and the ability to use the most intensive and powerful tools of NLP. Meditation, hypnosis, modelling and lots more will make these seven days an experience of a lifetime. A real course about mastering your full potential, and making a transformational change from the inside.


Day 1

  • What do I want
  • Repetition Practitioner, plus task bringing late comers up to speed

Day 2 

  • Modelling and frame week, master story teller
  • Wedding planner and metaprogrammes, plus task doing scheme for the rest of the participants this week
  • Values, frame, elicitation, ranking, abstraction check and syntax check

Day 3

  • Experience caves plus metaphor
  • Motivation direction values
  • Lunch
  • Re-imprinting
  • Interventions
  • Evening: time line interventions

Day 4

  • Open frame
  • Sleight of mouth
  • Lunch
  • Dance/know nothing state
  • New Code Games (rhythm of life)
  • Re-elicit values and ranking values

Day 5

  • Preparing know nothing state and mirroring
  • Capoeira modelling
  • Writing lessons and metaphors
  • Lunch
  • Strategy scrambler
  • Keeping state using mantra for 5 minutes
  • Sanctuary
  • Evening: Progressive test induction

Day 6

  • Sharing morning plus interventions from Ligia
  • Fisherman story enterpreneurs on the beach
  • Breath of Life
  • Drop Through
  • Pain relief

Day 7 

  • Exercises
  • Feedback
  • Closing 

This course is design for full immersion. It is done in a retreat style. 

Portugal is the destination to enjoy all the experience. 



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