International NLP Practitioner

Do you have the feeling that something needs to change? Are you realising that you want more from life, and from yourself? During this Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification, you will be able to recognise why, what, and how to create the most efficient change for yourself and for others.

You will receive practical tools to create a new perspective in all and different areas of your life in an international environment. People describe this certification as a practical, insightful, inspiring, fun, and profoundly.



Introductions and creating group rapport, framing training

Intention Vs goal, description, evaluation and interpretation, and the importance of the state.

NLP Presuppositions “How do we know what we know” Epistemology/NLP Communication model.

Rapport and various ways of mirroring and matching. And self-application in NLP.


Rapport and Calibration

Perceptual Positions

Representation Systems and Eye patterns

Sub-modalities, sub-modality map across


Group sharing.

The hierarchy of thinking; logical levels and the difference with neurological levels. Chunking. The start of language patterns. The power and use of language patterns in successful change work. The use of Milton Language Patterns in various contexts.

Metamodel and reframing


Hypnosis and trance states and the application in daily life, that’s right! Trance experiences and exercises.  Language, rapport, calibration, and suggestions to induce state. Unconscious openings in trance. Opening the bottleneck.

Resolving conscious and unconscious conflicts and inner dilemma’s through Parts Integration, dealing with conflicts, and the application and translation of this powerful unconscious exercise to daily work and life including business


Introduction New Code NLP, the background of advanced change work from the unconscious, doing change work without imposing content or process, the differences between classic and New Code NLP, the application for High-Performance State and working with unconscious signals for daily life and interventions in NLP such as the N-Step Reframe

N-Step Reframe, the power of intention.

Metaphors in Trance

 New Code Games 
 Certification – Evaluation 

Why train with us?

  • Learn in an international environment with participants from different cultures that will open your mind even more;
  • Your learnings will be optimised through a personal intake regarding your learning goals and through personal attention to your learning during the training;
  • Learn by experience with an experiential learning environment providing you with lots of exercises and insights.



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