Negotiation in Sales

Negotiating is not just a context for your sales team. All your employees are in a constant negotiation process. negotiate resources, time, value, etc.
From our experience we know that this is a fundamental process for companies and teams to make the most of their resources on a daily basis.

This course is designed to recognise the process of negotiation and how to execute it in a very practical way.


  • Negotiation methods
  • First test, then negotiate
  • Negotiation styles: Mastenbroek
  • Pitfalls of negotiation
  • Why negotiate?
  • Example of Position Negotiation
  • Avoid Position Negotiation
  • How you negotiate
  • The Harvard method
  • Harvard rules for principle negotiation
  • Mastenbroek Method
  • Mastenbroek: Mixed style
  • NLP
  • Reframing
  • Closing techniques
  • Cases

We work with the business actor to promote an amplification of the learning experience and test all the tools delivered during the course.
each participant is able to use all the tools after this course, as we promote feedback and improvement moments.

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