ONLINE Introduction to NLP

Online introduction NLP Practitioner that you can do in your own rhythm and schedule. Get the essentials of NLP (NeuroLinguist Programming) with videos, exercises, tasks and the support of a Master NLP Practitioner.

This is a great opportunity to start your personal discovery and changing your life to get what you want.


The NLP introduction will train you in the basics of NLP and how to put them into practice.

The topics for this course are as follows:
What NLP is and why NLP is a must to learn

The History of NLP & Patterns

Mindset cause & effect

NLP Presuppositions

Communication model NLP

Communication model from mind/body to emotions

NLP doesn’t exist


Perceptual positions and different perspectives

Senses and language

Emotional state change and anchoring

Language patterns

Meta Model

Milton Model

Power of intention and alternatives

Trance and hypnosis

The power of the body and signals

New Code NLP

The power of stories and your subconscious


Why train NLP with us?

* You will participate in an interactive and fun training where you gain more positive energy

* You will discover and break patterns in your mind-set, in your body, in your emotions, behaviour and your life and work

* You will get tools to break these patterns that you can use in any context

* You will have better results in communication and become more self-confident in work and private life

* You will know how to focus better and achieve what you want

* You will be in an international environment full of international participants and connect to new people

* You can have a personalised intake before you participate on the course to answer any questions you have

* You will learn the newest form of NLP, known as the New Code NLP

* You will be trained by very experienced trainers who themselves have been trained by one of NLP’s co-founders, John Grinder

* You will be able to apply the NLP tools in life and in work, and in2motivation has the experience to train you in this

Includes: Videos, online support
Online international Certification


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