Sales Skills Training

Selling is more than just presenting the characteristics of a product or even presenting benefits. More and more the customer is an informed customer who is looking for much more than product information.

more and more the need to create fans, not only that they buy the product but that they sell it through their advertising.

How to create fans is the proposal of the design of this course.


Module 1

Sales Strategy

6 Step Sales Process

Sales Mindset

Steps 1 and 2


Non-verbal communication

Personality Types

Joint Intention

Telephonic Sales

Role plays with Actor

Task and Actions

Module 2 

Steps 3 and 4

Creating Value

Asking questions

SPEN Method


LSA / Open/Closed Questions

Combining methods

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Role plays with Training Actor

Task and Actions

Module 3

Steps 5

Negotiation skills

Shark Island Game

Creating options

Negotiation Styles

Reframing objections

Role Plays with Training Actor

Task and Actions

Module 4 

Step 5 and 6

Influencing the amygdala of your client

Conflict Management

Story Telling

Influencing through language

Closing deals

Role Plays with Training Actor

Task and Actions

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