International Public speaking Course

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September 21, 2023

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10:00 am

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Public speaking is among the top three fears of humans.

This means that you need much more than rules, tips, and tricks to be emotionally ready to be a top presenter. Furthermore, we all know that the one who communicates best will receive the best opportunities on their way. This workshop will improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills so that you can interact better with others, get better results and improve relationships. Whether in a private or business context, your results will improve significantly. This is highly interactive, fun, and experiential training that will provide you with better communication results.


SubjectSpecific activity
Opening and frameTrainer frames the training, prepares the group for the feedback and creates a safe space
Introduction of participantsThis involves a one-minute presentation that is given to each participant as pre-work. This is the frame observation moment. Feedback is only given on the positive points.
Goals of participants and presentationEach participant will write down the goals for the training and will present to the group. This is the second point of observation. No feedback is given at this moment.
The 3 master skills for public speaking



Emotional State


Each point is worked on using exercises and games

8-step structure for top presentationEach point is worked on and built during the training with exercises, games and moments of presentation from each participant.
Voice and non-verbalDiction and efficient voice are worked on with exercises and games, with individual feedback on the points to continue working on as an action plan.
Emotions and how to use them allExploration of the basic emotions and how to use them all in a positive and influencing way to engage the audience.

This is achieved using games and presentations

Audience and engagementAnchoring using the stage, body language and with that amplify the impact of any presentation.

This is done with presentations and feedback.

Final presentationThis is a final presentation incorporating all the learnings, as well as a celebration of the achievements of each participant.


Why train with us?

  • Learn in an international environment with participants from different cultures that will open your mind even more;
  • Your learnings will be optimised through a personal intake regarding your learning goals and through personal attention to your learning during the training;
  • Learn by experience with an experiential learning environment providing you with lots of exercises and insights.

Incompany/ Business


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Event FAQs

Do I receive a diploma for this course?

Yes. You will receive a diploma after participation from In2motivation.

Fo I receive a manual for this course?

Yes, you will receive a e-manual for this course after the course.

How big are the groups for this course?

The group have a maximum of 15 participants.

The program of the training contemplates exercises and real opportunity to presente?

This course is very practical and very focus on providing impactful and transformational feedback. We do a variety of exercises that will support the development of body posture, voice and dealing with challenges in Public Speaking. And also lots of moment that the participants will present and receive immediately feedback.

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Total Seats: 15 (14 Left:)
  • Amsterdam
  • De Roos
  • Amsterdam

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  • September 21, 2023 10:00 am   -   September 22, 2023 5:00 pm
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