The Spiral Of Superpowers (Ebook)


Be courageous and start believing that you have superpowers. With this book, you will read how you can start using them. (E-Book)

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Would you believe it if somebody told you that you have superpowers? What if they said that superpowers are real and everybody has them?

You know that they’re real – it’s just that they’re a little different than what we see in the movies. The kind of superpowers that we’re referring to are the ones that you are most likely using every single day without even noticing that you’re using them!

Every successful person has personally created their own recipe and combination of superpowers which they have used to achieve success. Think of superpowers as a list of ingredients that, when used every day, will result in living an extraordinary life.

This book is that ingredients list: a list of superpowers that you can integrate into your life to live better. And the best part is that you already have all of these superpowers inside of you! You simply need to use them.

In this book, top international coaches Ligia Koijen De Oliveira Ramos and Peter Koijen not only reveal the key superpowers from their experience as coaches for over 20 years, but also share their own personal experiences with these superpowers.

This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to live their life to the fullest. Inside you will find a combination of personal stories, inputs from experts as well as interactive and powerful exercises so you can start putting these superpowers into practice right now!

Peter and Ligia have identified a chain of superpowers that is an impressive sequence for developing your mind and body and amplifying your personal development.

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