Blended - International NLP Practitioner Certification

Would you like to develop yourself personally and professionally? Are you ready for a positive change in your life? Would you like to become aware of patterns and break them? Were you always curious about how the brain and body work and want to get to know yourself even better? Then this course is yours! This Blended NLP course provides you with an opportunity to combine a self-paced online training course with interactive classroom training. Learn at your own pace and during 4 interactive classroom days. A great and interactive way to learn and grow at the same time.



Why train NLP with us?
* Creating positive change in your life
* Learn advanced tools for communication
* Break patterns of mindset, body, emotions, behaviours and results
* You will participate in an interactive and fun training where you gain more positive energy
* You will discover and break patterns in your mind-set, in your body, in your emotions, behaviour and your life and work
* You will get tools to break these patterns that you can use in any context
* You will have better results in communication and become more self-confident in work and private life
* You will know how to focus better and achieve what you want
* You will be in an international environment full of international participants and connect to new people
* You can have a personalised intake before you participate on the course to answer any questions you have
* You will learn the newest form of NLP, known as the New Code NLP
* You will be trained by very experienced trainers who themselves have been trained by one of NLP’s co-founders, John Grinder
* You will be able to apply the NLP tools in life and in work, and in2motivation has the experience to train you in this
* Have access to full demonstrations on video for all NLP interventions and tools
* Learn partly at your own pace
* Have the best of both worlds: online and classroom

Language, Location and Dates

Training Course in English in Amsterdam

Meeting days at the In2motivation Centre:
Wednesday 29 September 2021
Wednesday 27 October 2021
Wednesday 10 November 2021
Wednesday 1 December 2021

Program and Topics

* Introductions to NLP * Group rapport * Framing * Power of the Subconscious * Goals and intentions * The Power of Intention * Breaking Patterns * Description, Evaluation and Interpretation, Emotional State * Epistemology and how we know what we know * NLP Communication model, Rapport, Calibration, Non-verbal communication, Perceptual Positions, Representation Systems, Eye Patterns, Submodalities * Submodality Map Across * Conditioning and Anchoring * Stacked Anchoring * Collapse Anchoring * Hypnosis and Trance * Language, rapport * Suggestibility exercises * Opening the Bottle-Neck * Group Sharing * The hierarchy of thinking * Logical Levels * Bodywork * Language patterns, * The Milton Model * The Meta Model * Reframing, * Resolving inner conflicts * Parts Integration / Visual Squash * Involuntary Signals, * N-Step Reframe * Metaphors in Trance * New Code NLP * Alphabet Game and Walk with X&Y * High-Performance Games * Freeing impositions of Content and Process in NLP and change work * Changing and Coaching * Living a healthy and successful life * Certification



Peter Koijen will be your Master Trainer.

Peter was trained directly by John Grinder in Classic Code and New Code NLP.

Ligia will bring to this training great bodywork, that will allow you to relax and to amplify the learning experience.



The location is: In2motivation Inspiration Centre Nijenburg 2A, 1081 GG Amsterdam.