Cultural bridging in the Netherlands

Moving to a new country is always a nice adventure. You come for work, love, adventure, opportunities, learning or a combination of these and possibly other motivations.

You might have prepared and are getting more information about being, living and working in the Netherlands. It can be challenging to know exactly what you will face, and to prepare yourself culturally as well as possible. But also during your time here, you might have a lot of questions about Dutch culture. This can be the difference between feeling happy or not, between being successful or not, and between making this a life-changing experience or not. Learning is always a great asset and this newcomer programme is specifically designed for anyone interested in knowing and experiencing the deeper layers of culture. Going beyond the stereotypes and actually getting more input and feedback related to you personally and comparing to your own culture – that is what this programme is all about.


Better integration in the Netherlands
Understanding the cultural aspects and differences at a deeper level, beyond stereotypes
Personalised feedback and insights through individual coaching, a personalised report and focus groups

Language, Location and Dates

English in Amsterdam

Cultural compass is done online
Coaching session online or face-to-face
Meetup group face-to-face

Program and Topics

One personalised questionnaire and detailed culture compass report.
One 60-minute session with a cultural coach.
Access to specific videos about culture.
Access to a support group.
Meetup focus groups.



In2motivation has an international team totally focus on supporting international minds and people to achieve better results in the various aspects of life.

All or trainers and coaches have many years of experience and international background.

You will receive the most professional support for us.





The location is: In2motivation Inspiration Centre Nijenburg 2A, 1081 GG Amsterdam.