Intercultural Management Training

Working in an international environment comes with challenges. Another person seems to have the same values as you in some areas but in many ways they don’t have the same values. This training provides you with a practical application of the most famous cultural studies ever done, namely by Professor Geert Hofstede. He delivered the first and still the most relevant framework for cultural communication and cultural leadership. In this course you will be given a first introduction to his model and why people from different cultures do different things. The workshop is very interactive and insightful and provides you with two days on the best of intercultural management.

Culture and the awareness to overcome differences is the key to any success in work, in projects and in working and living in an international environment. This training is for anyone that works or lives in an international environment and wants to be highly effective and interactive.

The training is interactive, fun, insightful and provides the scientific method translated in a practical way to apply in day-to-day work. You will be much more effective after this training.

Furthermore, the training includes a culture compass, which provides you with a personal comparison between your own native culture and two other cultures of your choice. Strengths and weaknesses are customized to you as a person and this provides you with additional insights.

Maximum Number of 12 participants



Getting a grip on your strengths and weaknesses where culture ends and personality starts
Understanding the 6 dimensions of Hofstede
Getting a personal insight into your own communication style in relation to the cultures of your interest
High quality personal and professional development

Location and Date

Thursday 01 & Friday 02 October 2020
From 09.00 till 17.00

Training course in English, in Amsterdam

Program and Topics

The 6-D model of Hofstede
Research results covering the 6 dimensions
Communication flexibility
Power stories on cultural differences and successes



Trainer of this course

Peter Koijen is an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights and was more than 20 years of international experience.

During these two days Peter will share all the data and studies and also will share a lot of stories. With powerful energy he will guide within the most insightful exercises and much more.


Nijenburg 2A, 1081 GG Amsterdam