International NLP Master Practitioner Certification

A highly interactive, fun and learnful experience where you can get better results for your personal and professional development. A week where you learn new things and do the follow up of the NLP Practitioner training course. We are providing this to you with the newest form of NLP, the New Code NLP. A week with a great, relaxed atmosphere where you can learn and rest at the same time in a beautiful environment in Portugal.



Tack your NLP skills to a Master level
Identify clearly the human process
Change belief systems
Define your value system

Dates and Location

11th October to 17th October 2020

Program and Topics

Satir behavioural patterns
Changing beliefs
Advanced reframing through "sleight of mouth"
Changing thinking patterns
Criteria and the influence of human values



Teachers of this course: Ligia Ramos and Peter Koijen

Peter Koijen will be your Master Trainer.

Peter was trained directly by John Grinder in Classic Code and New Code NLP.

Ligia will bring to this training great bodywork, that will allow you to relax and to amplify the learning experience.



Beautiful Algarve in Portugal