Online Master Class - How to assess your team culture?

Online Master Class.

Organisational and team culture is key for success in teams. Why is that so? And what are the elements you can measure to assess your team culture? How can you change your organisational or team culture? And what tools can you use to assess and change organisational culture?

In this one-hour interactive workshop on organisational culture, Master trainer and founder of in2motivation Peter Koijen provides you with insights into why and how organisational culture is key for the success of your team, as well as into the Hofstede Multi-Focus Model for assessing organisational culture, and best practices around how to change your team culture.


Explore the definition of Organizational Culture
Define principals for a powerful OC
Identify the best practices to create an impactful OC

Language / Location and Date

Master Class language - English

Location - Virtual (zoom)
This is an event in real-time and not pre-recorded.

Date - 02nd of June 2020
Time: 12:00 - 13:00 (Ams time)


Why is organisational culture key for success in business?
What is the Multi-Focus Model and how can you measure organisational culture?
How you can change organisational culture: best practices
Questions and answers on Organisational culture


Price - 25,00€

Peter Koijen

Business partner of Hofstede insights, Peter will share the principles and the relevance of Organizational culture with practical examples and insightful exercises.

“Organizational Culture eats National culture for breakfast.”


Online - Zoom