Online Master Class - The Rhythm of Life

Online Master Class.

A crisis forces people to re-evaluate everything in life. The rhythm and flow is interrupted temporarily. Rhythm is a key factor for success in your health and body, in your thinking and in your work performance. How can you slow down to speed up, and how can you speed up to slow down?

In this one-hour interactive workshop on the rhythm of life, Master trainer, founder of in2motivation and rhythm expert Peter Koijen provides you with insights into why and how rhythm plays a role in our life. He will take you on a journey through various aspects of rhythm in your work, your private life and your health and well-being. The rhythm of life never stops.


Identify your person rhythm
Recognize the impact of it
Change the rhythm to achieve different results

Language / Location and Date

Master Class Language - English

Location - Virtual (zoom)
This is an event in real-time and not pre-recorded.

Date - 09th of June 2020
Time: 19:00 - 20:00 (Ams time)


Why is rhythm important?
What are the aspects of rhythm in mindset, body rhythms, rhythms in work, rhythms in a day and in life, and rhythms in organs?
How can you align your rhythm to your context, align rhythm within yourself and align rhythm to your performance and results?
Questions and answers sharing


Price - 25,00€

Peter Koijen

Master coach and founder of In2motivation, Peter Koijen is also singing and playing in bands since a very early age. Rhythm is a constant in his life. He will be sharing all that experience combined with his NLP knowledge and rock your idea about change and rhythm.



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