Online Master Class - How to gain confidence in public speaking

Online Master Class.

How can you build more confidence in public speaking? Public speaking is in the top 3 fears for human beings. When people are good at it they are seen as more credible, and get promoted more quickly. That is why everyone wants to improve these skills.

In this one-hour interactive workshop on public speaking, Master trainer and founder of in2motivation Peter Koijen provides you with key tips to have more confidence in public speaking.


Identify the principles for top speakers
Prepare with a top structure
Gain confidence
Recognize and use the best practices

Language / Location and Date

Master Class language - English

Location - Virtual (zoom)
This is an event in real-time not pre-recorded.

Date - 26th of May 2020
Time: 12:00 - 13:00 (Ams time)


Why is confidence in public speaking beneficial?
What are the key tools to gaining more confidence in public speaking?
How can you become more successful and increase your confidence in public speaking?
Questions and answers on confidence in public speaking.


Price - 20,00 euros

Peter Koijen

Peter Koijen is an international speaker and TEDx Coach. Peter, in this Master Class, will share with you the best stories and also the down moments. Learn what to do and what not do in Public Speaking.


Online - Zoom