Workshop – Meditation skills for stress and anxiety

Workshop – Meditation skills for stress and anxiety
Date and time
06 Sep 19:00 - 20:00
06 Sep 19:00 - 20:00

Inspiration Centre, Nijenburg 2A
1081GG Amsterdam


Meditation is a gift that you can give to yourself.
It seems like being super busy is the modern way of saying “I’m relevant and important to this world”, and it seems like everyone is super busy these days. So busy, in fact, that more and more people are feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated, lonely and with low internal motivation.
Being able to stop and reconnect is an important decision.

A decision that can promote more balance, and a feeling of being more in power, more relaxed, more aware and more able to deal with your daily life obstacles.
Take the time to rest and to restart.

Number maximum of participants

20 participants

Dates & Times:

06 of September at 19.00 until 20.30

General Benefits:
Learn 5 different Meditation traditions (one meditation tradition per class)
Meditation Experience
Meditation tricks / SOS
Empower yourself and regain control of your life
Reduce stress and anxiety with Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Ligia Ramos

Language: English