Online MasterClass- The Hidden Secrets of Leadership

After many books and years of experience working with teams, companies and leaders, we are able to say that there is one secret that is still hidden. And like any secret, it is simple, practical and transformational. This workshop is about showing you and exercising this secret. Enrol now to guarante your place.


Why attend this workshop on leadership? * Being more relaxed as a leader * Get the best out of people * Achieve team results faster and in a more healthy way

Location and Date

02 February 2021
From 12:00 till 13:00
Online MasterClass

Training course in English, in Amsterdam

Program and Topics

* Three principles of leadership * The secret * Exercises



Ligia Koijen Ramos will be your coach for this workshop.Ligia is an experienced trainer and coach. She bases her life in three core values, connection, simplicity and love. She is specialized in family coaching and relationships. Her unique and integrated approach she has a passion for body work. Ligia has a style flexibility in her approach for coaching and training. She easily combines and switches between spirituality and cognitive performance improvement. Ligia has a university degree in Philosophy and is specialized in Human Resource Management. In the beginning of her career she was responsible for Human Resources in international retail and managing franchises. In her current role she combines NLP, Yoga, Meditation, Body and Dance, Spirituality and her experience in change work and coaching in families and relationships. She is a gifted and giving person that touches you from heart.


Available online via zoom Amsterdam time