Online MasterClass- Changing your mindset to get what you want

Everything in life has a rhythm, from your heartbeat and your breathing to the working schedule of the day. They even say that organs have a rhythm. When rhythms are aligned within our bodies, our minds and our life, everything is in flow. If not, you need to slow down to speed up. This workshop is all about rhythm and how to change it.


Get to know your personal rhyhm and align the rhythm of your body and mind with each other, align the rhythm of your breathing to your body and yourself to your daily rhythm. An interactive and out-of-the-box workshop connecting rhythm points in all aspects of life.

Location and Date

08 March 2021
From 19:00 till 20:00

Training course in English
Available online via Zoom Amsterdam Time

Program and Topics

* Why rhythm is important in our lives
* Where rhythm can be found
* How rhythm can be changed



Peter Koijen is an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights and was more than 20 years of international experience. During these two days Peter will share all the data and studies and also will share a lot of stories. With powerful energy he will guide within the most insightful exercises and much more.


Available online via zoom Amsterdam time