Culture Compass + Personal Advice

Culture Compass + Personal Advice

€ 150

Do your Culture Compass Test and receive the support of a professional cultural adviser to develop concrete and efficient action to improve your communication and leadership skills in international groups.
You will need to:
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Select the countries that interest you 
  • Select your capacity/role
  • Answer to the 42 questions 
  • Receive your report by email at the end 
Once you purchase the Cultural Compass, you will receive a link and a code, giving you access to your survey. Do you want to understand better the influence of different cultures over yourself and others?
Based on Hofstede's 6-Dimensional model, the Cultural Compass survey offers you a detailed personalised cultural report that will help you to:
  • Recognise the different behaviours you meet in your daily life
  • Find out how your cultural value preference impact others 
  • Anticipate behavioral responses and reactions while working with others 
It is an English version
  • It compares the countries between each other to raise awareness on societies and their average scores regarding the 6-Dimensional model
  • It analyses your personal preferences with a selected country 
For the country to country comparison, the report compares each country selected based on each dimension of the Hofstede 6-Dimensional Model. Additionally, the report generates personal feedback for you by comparing your answers to the 42 questions with each selected country.